12 Projects Signed in Hunan Province

The signing ceremony for 12 major investment projects with a total investment of 3.45 billion yuan was held in Taoyuan County, Changde, City of Hunan. Some of the highlighted projects include Meichu’s display screen production line, Shidi Technology’s smart screen production line, LianDiTong Technology’s intelligent terminal products production line, Weihong Technology’s electronic components production line, and DingLiYuan Electronic Technology’s electronic product production line.

The Meichu project, an investment by Hunan Meichu Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd., is in the Diwen Science and Technology Park. The new facility will build intelligent serial display screens using a planned investment of 120 million yuan.

Shidi Technology’s smart screen production line, using an investment of 100 million yuan from Hunan Shidi Technology Co. Ltd. will build smart GU solutions integrating CPU core driven smart screen lines, software, and hardware.

LianDiTong Technology’s project represents a 100-million-yuan investment from Hunan LianDiTong Technology Co. Ltd. It will focus on secondary software development of Diwen smart display screens and build various intelligent terminal products production lines.

Weihong Technology’s project is also comprised of a 100-million-yuan investment from Hunan Weihong Technology Co. Ltd. to build electronic components production lines.

DingLiYuan Electronic Technology’s project is a 100-million-yuan investment from Hunan DingLiYuan Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. Also in Diwen Electronic Information Industry Park, the facility will be comprised of electronic components and other production lines.


Kuixin Product Research and Sales Center in the Maqiao Artificial Intelligence Test Area Signed

The Shanghai Maqiao Artificial Intelligence Innovation Pilot Zone Construction and Development Co. Ltd., Minhang Maqiao Town People’s government, and Shanghai Kuixin Integrated Circuit Design Co., Ltd. signed the strategic framework agreement for the Kuixin project on September 24.

The Kuixin project includes plans to build a product research and sales center in the Maqiao Artificial Intelligence Test Area, focusing on the fields of high-performance computing and artificial intelligence, and will gradually build out markets in various areas such as consumer electronics, automotive electronics, Internet of things, etc.

Established in 2021, Shanghai Kuixin Integrated Circuit Design Co., Ltd. has a business scope that includes technical services, technology development and consulting, technology transfer, and technology promotion in the field of integrated circuit science and technology.


TCL’s Moxun Semiconductor AI Chip Research Project Signed in Shanghai Lingang New Area

On September 25, the signing ceremony for TCL’s Moxun Semiconductor AI chip research project was held in Shanghai Lingang New Area. The project will focus on the design of integrated circuit chips such as intelligent connection, perception, AI voice interaction, AI visual interaction and AI image processing, etc.

Established on September 6, 2021, Moxun Semiconductor Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of TCL Microchip Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. TCL Microchip Technology makes investments in industrial development opportunities in the fields of integrated circuit chip design and semiconductor power devices, hardware, software, and applications.


MLCC Industrial Park Project Signed in Hunan Province

Guangdong Sunway Communication Co. Ltd.’s MLC Industrial Park project, implemented by Sunway Electronic Technology (Yiyang) Co. Ltd., was officially signed in Yiyang, Hunan Province on September 25. The first phase has registered capital of 2 billion yuan, with an annual capacity of 120 billion capacitance after the project is complete.

Sunway Communication is a world leading provider of RF connectivity and other performance-critical related components and modules. Sunway has collaborated and established strategic corporate relationships and professional services for its customers in applications such as consumer electronics (smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart wearable devices etc.), automotive, IoT, smart home technology, and communication infrastructure.


PCB Photosensitive Dry Film and Photoresist Raw Materials Manufacturing Project Signed in Jiangxi Province

On September 28, the Longnan City of Jiangxi Province held a signing ceremony for three major projects, including PCB photosensitive dry film and photoresist raw materials manufacturing.

The project represents a 1-billion-yuan investment from leading domestic photosensitive film enterprises. The project’s main manufacturing and business scope includes PCB, FPC, ITO photosensitive dry film, dry file photoresist raw materials, etc.