Techphant’s East China regional headquarter and Nanjing R&D center project settled in Nanjing.

The Industrial Technology Research and Innovation Park of Jiangbei’s new district, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, held a signing ceremony with Techphant on September 6. Techphant’s projects officially settled in the East China regional headquarters in Nanjing. Its regional headquarters were strategically placed in East China in an effort to promote the business layout of independently developed IoT chips in East China. 

The company’s goal is to set up an underlying chip R&D center and marketing service teams to provide a new type of infrastructure for the digital government. The company will work with local digital economy enterprises to promote IoT-aware city solutions.

Founded in December 2018, Techphant was the first batch of science and technology enterprises in China Electronics Technology Group’s scientific and technological achievements transformation and hybrid reform pilot. Techphant focuses:

  •  The breakthrough of the underlying key technologies of the Internet of things.
  •  Independently developed TPUNB narrowband internet of things communication system.
  • Covering the end-to-end “full stack” product system from self-developed chips, communication modules
  • Communication base station gateways
  • Sensors to cloud platforms.

Ideal Deposition’s semiconductor equipment project was signed in Zhejiang Province.

Ideal Deposition’s semiconductor project was officially signed and settled in Haining Economy Development Zone, Zhejiang Province, on September 5.

With the introduction of Chint Group, also the major shareholder of Ideal Deposition, it chose Haining to invest in its project. Ideal Deposition will rely on Chint Group’s new energy advantages in the field of solar photovoltaic. It will continue to carry out synchronous research and development, strengthen its leading edge in the new energy high-end equipment industry, and establish a “double leading” in technology and the market.

Founded in May 2013, Ideal Deposition is a high-end equipment supplier focusing on chemical vapor deposition technology, covering the semiconductor and pan semiconductor fields. It specializes in developing and selling high-efficiency photovoltaic cells, key semiconductor packaging and testing equipment, and related supporting equipment.

In 2019, Ideal Deposition actively laid out equipment products in the semiconductor packaging and testing field and successfully merged and acquired Singapore’s high-end semiconductor intelligent equipment companies FA systems automation. Founded in 1988, FASA focuses on developing advanced and high-precision automatic sealing and testing equipment.

Shengjisheng’s high-end integrated circuit equipment and key components project was signed in Pudong New Area, Shanghai.

A signing ceremony for industrial projects was held in Shuyuan Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, with a total investment of 2.56 billion yuan on September 2.

Shengjisheng’s high-end integrated circuit equipment and key components project is one of the signed projects. Shengjisheng Semiconductor Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. plans to build an R&D, manufacturing, and sales center for its high-end integrated circuit equipment and key components in the Lingang New District. The hope is that it will attract high-end talent to carry out high-end equipment and key business components, realize the integration of R&D, production and sales management, and support major integrated circuit manufacturing enterprises in China, such as SMIC.

Several projects were signed at the 2022 Yuelu Internet Summit.

On August 31, 2022, Yuelu Internet Summit opened. Twenty-four significant projects with a total investment of 83.31 billion yuan were signed at the summit.

Of those twenty-four projects, Jinbo Changsha Semiconductor Industrial Park and carbon-based materials industrialization R&D center project was one. The project has a total investment of 2 billion yuan. It will rely on extensive research and a profound accumulation of enterprises in the field of carbon-based materials over the years. The plan is to utilize the R&D of advanced carbon-based new materials for a breakthrough, seize the development opportunities of carbon-based new materials, and carry out scientific and technological research for cutting-edge technologies in semiconductors, hydrogen energy, and carbon ceramic braking systems.

Anmuquan’s high-end chip packaging project was another project at the Summit. It will build an advanced packaging and production expansion base for high-end chips, including the expansion of flip chip packaging (FC) production lines, system level packaging (SIP) production lines for CPU, GPU, DSP, artificial intelligence, and the construction of new chip test lines.

Another Summit project signed was the Guangliwei EDA software R&D base project. It will build the second headquarters and EDA software R&D center in Hunan Xiangjiang New Area.

The last project from the Summit mentioned is the Jinxin Electronics headquarters base project. It plans to invest in and build the Jinxin Electronics headquarters building (including the R&D center and laboratory) in Xiangjiang New District, Hunan Province. Hunan Jinxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D and design of medium and high-end digital signal processing chips (DSP) and the design and development of embedded solutions based on the company’s products.