Within the first week of July, multiple advanced packaging projects have been signed in two Chinese provinces. An integrated circuit (IC) advanced packaging and testing project will start in Jiaxing Technology City, while a LED and semiconductor advanced packaging project is slated for Jiangxi Province. Both are scheduled to break ground in 2020, with the goal of developing many industries within China. Read more:

IC Advanced Packaging and Testing Project Signed in Jiaxing

On July 3, an R&D and production project of IC advanced packaging and testing with sensor development was signed to begin in Jiaxing Technology City, Zhejiang Province. This project has a total investment of 1 billion yuan.

The project will be implemented in two phases and plans to build one MEMS wafer, packaging, testing and system-integration process line, as well as a MEMS inertial system and an image monitoring/processing system. It will also produce MEMS inertial components, a visible-light image monitoring camera and an infrared seeker/monitoring camera.

Once the project starts in Jiaxing Science and Technology City, it will follow “chips + sensors + AI + solutions” as its strategic plan to build an integrated supply chain of chips, modules, and systems.

The successful signing of this project will help promote the construction of a new 10,000-micron platform, optimize the industrial structure of the park, and effectively promote high-quality development of the microelectronics industry in Nanhu District.


LED and Semiconductor Advanced Packaging Project Signed in Jiangxi Province

On July 5, Anyuan District Government of Jiangxi Province and Dogguang Tianyou Semiconductor Ltd. held a ceremony during which both parties signed an 800-million-yuan agreement to settle Tianyou’s LED and advanced packaging project in Anyuan District.

The project will be built in three phases within the next five years. The first phase will invest about 500 million yuan and rent about 25,000 square meters of standard workshops in the Anyuan Industrial Park. Tianyou will also invest 170 million yuan to purchase advanced LED and semiconductor packaging core equipment and build more than 200 production lines, with plans for the phase to be completed and the lines in production by the end of September 2020.

The products will be mainly sold to areas such as Guangdong, Xheijian, Jiangsu and Fujian Provinces, while supporting relationship will be formed with both upstream and downstream enterprises in Anyuan’s industrial chain.