Aliyun and Eight Chipmakers Announce “All-Platform Communication Module”

Aliyun (also known as Alibaba) announced that it collaborated with eight chipmakers to develop an all-platform communication module. The module will help users easily connect to Aliyun’s IoT life platform (Fei Yan platform) and will support a cloud platform connection that includes Aliyun. It’s reported that the lowest price of the first 16 released business modules is RMB 5.99.

According to Aliyun, the collaboration companies include Quectel, Lierda, Rak Wireless, iComm Semi and others. Sixteen business modules were launched in the first batch. In total, over 40 modules will be released. After connecting into Aliyun’s IoT life platform, all the modules can connect with Aliyun and other third-party cloud platforms.


Heifei Seeya Silicon-Based OLED Project’s Investment Increases by $400M

Heifei Seeya announced it has installed the first phase of equipment used for silicon-based OLED micro displays. The company plans to focus manufacturing on near-eye display system for HMD, smart glasses, electronic viewfinders, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) and other ultra-small, high-resolution display applications.

Heifei Seeya plans to ramp into mass production in the second half of 2019, with the goal of manufacturing 20 million micro display components yearly. If it reaches that goal, it will become the biggest global silicon-based micro-OLED manufacturing base. To reach these targets, the initial $2 billion investment has been increased to $2.4 billion.