Tianyi Semiconductor IGBT Project to be Built in Shaoxing

Guangdong Tianyi Semiconductor Technology Co. will launch a new IGBT semiconductor project in Shaoxing. The facility will serve as a design, research and manufacturing base for electronic products such as IGBT switches, MOSFET modules, integrated IPM modules and variable-frequency integrated machines. Total investment in this project will be 500 million yuan, and is reportedly associated with the project SMIC established last year in Shaoxing.

Tianyi Semiconductor is a new energy-chip design and control technology firm, with independent R&D capabilities comprising semiconductor design, packaging, controller hardware and software, and special materials, as well as manufacturing. Its leading products are IPM modules, IGBT modules, frequency conversion modules, and electric vehicle frequency conversion modules.

(Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/-tLq2g1qAx0RnmJ36l_A7w)

TCL to Establish Northern Innovation Headquarters & Smart Industry Project in Tianjin

TCL has announced it will establish its Northern Innovation Headquarters in the Xiqing Development Zone of Tianjin. It will also launch a smart industry project, collaborating with the Xiqing Development Zone on smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence (AI) software, and hardware. The object will be to develop innovative businesses in such areas as cloud calculation and big data, building up an industry-leading internet ecosystem with the Xiqing Development Zone. Annual operating income once the first phase becomes operational will be about 500 million yuan.

TCL is a global company focused on smart product manufacturing and internet applications. Its development efforts concentrate on three key technology areas: AI, new displays, and industrial internet and smart manufacturing.

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