Sino-Microelectronics Plans Another 8-inch IGBT Line

Sino-Microelectronics will invest in another 8-inch IGBT product line, issuing a prospectus intended to raise up to 1 billion yuan through share placements. The company will invest the entire amount on constructing a new power electronics manufacturing facility. (Phase II). Following project completion, Sino-Microelectronics will have the capacity to produce 240,000 8-inch wafers per year. The products will include IGBT and MOSFET chips, and will mainly be used for such applications as industrial drives and consumer electronics.

The new line will strengthen Sino-Microelectronics’ breadth of offerings, which have also expanded into new areas, including smart vehicles, inversion appliances, photovoltaics and military applications. The company considers IGBTs a foundational product driving advancement of the national economy, and the 8-inch line both a dream and a mission – not only for Sino-Microelectronics but for China’s semiconductor industry overall. While many companies have invested in mid-range applications of this area, Sino-Microelectronics is the high-end leader. In 2018, its net profit reached 104 million yuan.


Anqiwei Microelectronics Secures Tens of Millions in A-round Financing

Shanghai Anqiwei Microelectronics has completed A-round financing, securing tens of millions in yuan; the exact amount was not disclosed. The company will use the funds primarily for extending market, operation, quality and research team, and series of products sales.

Founded in July 2015, Anqiwei is microwave integrated circuit (IC) company. It specializes in ICs for silicon-based semiconductor processes, including silicon germanium (SiGe) BiCMOS for dedicated high-speed, high-performance electronic devices and communication systems. Anqiwei also makes customized products, such as high-performance analog, RF, microwave and millimeter-wave ICs, modules, and broadband transceivers based on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) and bulk-silicon CMOS processes.

In August 2018, Anqiwei successfully developed China’s first fully integrated phased-array transmit/receive (T/R) chip, the ARW9621. This milestone product meets the miniaturization and low cost requirements for a phased-array radar antenna system.