Huawei Establishes Science Strategy Research Institute

Huawei has established its new ICT Basic Science Strategy Research Institute to focus on breakthroughs in basic theory and revolutionary technology developments, e.g., optical computing, NDA storage, and atomic manufacturing. The institute will pursue these efforts through collaboration with global colleges and investors.

According to Huawei Director Xu Wenwei, the Huawei Strategic Research Institute will concentrate on leading-edge technologies for at least five years. It will further support academic research on basic science, basic technology and technology innovation via an annual contribution of $US300 million. Such investments are key to Huawei’s technology development strategy.


Zhengwei Amer to Launch New Materials Science and Technology City in Zhangzhou

Zhengwei Amer has signed an agreement to launch a New Materials Science and Technology City in Zhangzhou, Hunan province, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan. The construction includes copper-based new materials projects, silver deep-processing projects, rare metal logistics storage projects, Zhengwei non-ferrous metal industry headquarters and other industrial projects. The project will be constructed in two phases: one-time planning and batch construction. Following production ramp, annual operating income is expected to be no less than 30 billion yuan.