Diamond Quantum Computation Teaching Machine Installed in Wuxi

CIQTEK (Hefei) Technology Corp. has developed the world’s first diamond quantum computation teaching machine, now installed in Wuxi. Operable at room temperature, the quantum calculation device was developed in China for public use. Quantum computing education is expected to effectively help cultivate quantum engineers and leverage cross-application capabilities.

Last year, CIQTEK also collaborated with Wuxi’s Huishan district to establish the Wuxi Quantum Perception institute. The institute primarily engaged in core technology development and researching industrialization of quantum technology.

The diamond quantum computing teaching machine is based on the principle of spin magnetic resonance based on nitrogen-vacancy (NV) color centers. Controlling such physical quantities as light, electricity and magnetism allows the diamond’s nitrogen-vacancy to be realized.

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New 3D Curved Screen Project & IC Industry Park Launched in Sichuan

A collaboration agreement was recently signed in Sichuan, comprising 58 investment collaboration projects, including Singapore’s extension of the Western Semiconductor IC High-Tech Industrial Park project, Beijing Hengguang Weili 3D curved mobile phone screen manufacturing project. The total investment was about 19.5 billion yuan, covering electronic information, equipment manufacturing, new materials and other areas.

In February, Singapore Tuopu Electronics Corp. first established the Western Semiconductor IC High-Tech Industry Park Project in Mianyang, Sichuan province. The first phase of the construction covers an 8-inch wafer manufacturing line with total investment of 8.02 billion yuan. Expected annual revenue following project completion will be 4.1 billion yuan.

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Heifei to Become Comprehensive Industry Innovation Center

Heifei will be fully integrated into the Yangtze River Delta Industrial Specialization System to create a comprehensive industry innovation center. Its core focus will be on displays, developing key technologies for new displays, integrated circuits (ICs), photovoltaics (PV) and new energy, as well as smart audio and artificial intelligence (AI). A further goal will be to advance the future of quantum information, big data, robots, while quickening the pace of smart transformation for traditional industries such as equipment manufacturing, home appliances and automobiles.

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