Xiamen IC Photomask Project Ramps to Production

The Xiamen Meiri Fengchuang Mask Project is now complete and has begun full operation. With a total investment of 1.067 billion yuan, the project is set to become the largest commercial IC mask manufacturing base in mainland China.

Construction on the project began in June 2017, funded by joint investments from mask firms Photronics (U.S.) and DNP Photomasks (Japan). The facility will produce leading-edge masks using advanced 40nm and 28nm processes.

Photronics plans to further invest $US100 million to build the world’s top mask R&D center in Xiamen. Meiri Fengchuang reportedly chose Xiamen as the project site because Taiwan UMC – a major customer of Photronics – invested in Xiamen with its United Semi IC project.

(Source: https://laoyaoba.com/newinfo?id=713308)

Goke Micro Launches First SSD Control Chip Made in China

Goke Micro and Loongson have signed a strategic collaboration agreement and announced the first solid-state drive (SSD) control chip to be made entirely in China. Under the agreement, Loongson will use Goke Micro as its preferred domestic SSD supplier, while Goke Micro will make Loongson the preferred embedded CPU IP core supplier for its upcoming chip products.

The first product of the collaboration is Goke Micro’s new GK2302 series chip. The GK2302 series communicates with the host machine via high-speed 6Gbps SATA interface. Single-chip capacity is up to 4 terabytes, with read-write speed reaching 500 megabytes per second. Compared with the previous-generation device, the GK2302 CPU delivers 15% better performance, 6.5% lower power consumption and 18.4% better performance overall.

(Source: http://www.semi.org.cn/news/news_show.aspx?ID=56018&classid=117)