First LED & Semiconductor Component Manufacturing Project Launched in Taihu Anhui

KunShan Hoivway Optoelectronics Corp. recently signed an agreement to launch the first LED and semiconductor components manufacturing project in Taihu District, Anhui Province.

Founded in July 2008, Kunshan Hoivway is a professional semiconductor component (LED and MOS) R&D and sales company. The company’s products include SMD LEDs, lamps, infrared LEDs, phototransistors, and MOS, which are used in notebook keyboards, power supplies, communication electronics, handheld electronic devices, consumer products and industrial applications.

The project in Taihu plans to produce LED and semiconductor components, and will research, manufacture and sell the new products. The first phase of the project will build 10 LED backlight product lines, purchasing production equipment such as solid crystal equipment, automatic wire bonding and laminating machines. In the second and third phases, LED backlight production lines and infrared production lines will be built.


China Academy of Sciences IC Innovation Institute Settled in Qingdao

A signing ceremony for China Academy of Sciences’ (CAS) IC Innovation Institute Qingdao Research Base was held April 29.

According to the agreement, CAS IC Innovation Institute Qingdao Research Base will build CAS IC Innovation Institute Qingdao Industry Research Institute, Qingdao IC Innovation Development Corp., Qingdao IC Industry Park, Qingdao IC Industry Development Fund and Qingdao IC Special Education Training Center. In addition, CAS will build new high-power semiconductor laser communication chip and laser lighting production lines to be used in building a first-class domestic health IC research center. he R&D center and the automotive electronics application center have built the first Beidou Ocean Data Center and a well-equipped aerospace payload supporting base in China.

According to Qingdao High Tech, CAS IC Innovation Institute and Qingdao High-Tech New Area will take 3-5 years to build the Qingdao Research Center as an influential high-end new research institute in IC and its application areas in North China.