Zetta Ramps Industry-first 55nm Low-Power ETOX SPI NOR Flash

Leading nonvolatile memory (NVM) chip supplier Zetta has ramped into production the first SPI NOR Flash ZD25QXX product series based on its industry-leading 55nm ETOX process. With the industry’s smallest form factor, the SPI NOR Flash provides high flexibility for compact system-in-package (SiP) devices such as Bluetooth and WiFi.

The ZD25QXX series supports voltages between 2.7V and 3.6V, with single-, dual- and quad-channel serial SPI interfaces. It also supports product capacities ranging from 4Mb to 128Mb.

A fabless Chinese company engaged in advanced memory and related chip design, Zetta was established in 2013 and provides a wide range of high-speed/low-power NOR Flash memory and serial EEPROM products.

(Source: https://laoyaoba.com/newinfo?id=711610)

Southwest Smart Microsystems Research Institute to Start in Chongqing

Tsinghua University has signed a collaboration agreement with the Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing to establish the Southwest Smart Microsystems Research Institute. Tsinghua University will provide technical support in two research areas—automotive sensors and microsystems, and public security sensors and microsystems—for next-generation smart chips, MEMS, high-end sensors and integrated applications. The university will also pursue basic and applied scientific research in these areas.

The institute will build a core operation team, set up a transition center for results, and incubate and introduce innovative enterprises for startup and integrating within the Liangjiang New District.

Currently, a number of vehicle enterprises and more than 200 automobile components companies are doing business in Liangjiang New Area, laying a market foundation for automotive sensor and microsystem applications.

(Source: https://laoyaoba.com/newinfo?id=711647)