UNISOC Launches Arm-Based LTE Chip Platform

UNISOC has launched its next-generation mobile chip platform, Tiger T310—the world’s first quad-core LTE mobile chip platform based on the Arm DynamlQ architecture for smartphones. Its computing performance and low-power management capabilities make it well suited for mainstream applications.

The Tiger T310 platform is the first to integrate DynamlQ, developed for mid- to high-end smartphones, into an entry-level model. It uses a 2GHz Cortex-A75 and three 1.8GHz Cortex-A55 cores, further reducing power consumption while improving the user experience.

The Tiger T310’s innovative structure delivers performance improvements compared with current mainstream quad-core products—120% in a single-core scenario and 20% in a multicore application. The platform uses TSMC’s 12nm process, and can support six communication modes: TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA and GSM.

(Source: https://laoyaoba.com/newinfo?id=711740)

Nanjing University to Build Green High-Performance Materials Institute

The Jiangbei New Area of Nanjing will be home to the new Green High-Performance Materials Institute, a project launched by Nanjing University of Technology.

The institute will mainly engage in research on green building materials, high-performance steel structures, composite materials and structures, fabricated buildings, green buildings, underground spaces and marine engineering industrialization.

This institute will comprise more than 20 research teams, pursue more than 20 national and provincial science projects, and apply for more than 100 patents.

(Source: https://laoyaoba.com/newinfo?id=711756)

Huayu IC Packaging Park Breaks Ground on Phase II

Huayu Electronics held a groundbreaking ceremony for phase II of its IC Industry Park in Chizhou, Anhui province. The next-phase project will be focused on IC packaging and test, and will have a total area of 40,000 m2.

The facility will feature expanded and upgraded technology capabilities, including die packaging and test equipment. Expected annual output following project completion is 10 billion high-reliability ICs, with annual revenue of 1 billion yuan.

(Source: https://laoyaoba.com/newinfo?id=711792)