10B yuan semiconductor project settled in Jiangyin

Shenghe Jingwei Semiconductor Co., Ltd. signed an investment agreement with Jiangyin Government and Jiangyin High-Tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee on its 12-inch middle-end silicon wafer manufacturing and 3D multiple chips integrated packaging project. The project is scheduled to start construction of phase II in February with a total investment of 1.6 billion dollars.

The project will have a production capacity of 120,000 wafer-level packaged devices and 20,000 integrated processing chips monthly to meet the high demand for advanced packaged devices in 5G, AI, IoT, high-performance computing, and automotive electronics.

Founded in August 2014, Shenghejing Wecheng, formerly known as SMIC Changdian Semiconductor Co., Ltd, is the first global, mid-end silicon wafer manufacturing enterprise to adopt integrated circuit front-end chip manufacturing systems and standards, in addition to adopting independent professional OEM mode to serve international customers.


Huasheng New Energy 5G heterojunction battery and module project signed in Wuxi

On January 25, Huasheng New Energy 5G heterojunction battery and module project was signed in Xishan Economy Technology Development Zone in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. With a total investment of 5.7 billion yuan, covering a total area of about 430 mu, it is planned to establish a Huasheng heterojunction photovoltaic industrial park. It will be constructed in phases. The industrial park will include:

  • An advanced photovoltaic research institute
  • A double-sided microcrystalline heterojunction battery factory
  • Module factory
  • A supporting silicon rod slicing plant

When completed, the project is designed to attract companies in the upstream, middle and downstream industrial chain to build an advanced heterojunction photovoltaic industrial cluster.

In 2021, Huasheng completed Round A financing that will be used to construct and operate the first 2GW microcrystalline heterojunction battery and module industrialization project in China.


AOFIBER photoelectric technology project signed and settled in Zhongxin Suchu High-Tech Zone

On January 19 in the Zhongxin Suchu High-Tech Zone AOFIBER photoelectric technology project was signed.

Chuzhou AOFIBER Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. plans to invest 120 million yuan in building an optical chip research and production project. It will form an annual production capacity of 12 million integrated photonic chips, 3.6 million optical communication devices, modules, and 1.2 million FAT chassis. It can provide all-optical network construction solutions for third parties.

Established in 2013 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, the business scope of the Chuzhou AOFIBER Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. includes the development, sales, and related technical services of photoelectric device technology and associated technical services of passive optical components and related products.


Shanghai NewVisionu’s advanced display chip project signed in Hefei

Settling in Hefei New Station High-Tech Zone Shanghai’s NewVisionu’s advanced display chip project was signed on January 19 for a total investment of 1 billion yuan for the advanced display chip project implemented by Hefei Hongxinda Microelectronics Co., Ltd. . It will carry out the research extension and optimization of primary products, design development, and industrialization of AMOLED series products. The layout and design development of cutting-edge technologies will help the new station supplement, extend, and strengthen the semiconductor supply chain.

Founded in 2005, Shanghai NewVisionu is the first design company in China to mass-produce display driver ICs. The company fully covers nearly 100 new display driver IC and power IC products, such as smart wearable devices, mobile phones, flat panels, displays, notebooks, and TVs. It has long been committed to researching and applying TFT-LCD, AMOLED display driver, and power management chips, and now is the only display driver chip design company that has a complete product line in China.


Several projects signed Yangzhou Jiangdu Economy and Development Zone

On January 18, 11 projects, with an estimate of 6.8 billion-yuan total investment, were signed in the Yangzhou Jiangdu Economic and Development Zone. Among those projects, Baishi Electronics semiconductor project plans to invest 800 million yuan to make third-generation semiconductor epitaxial wafers mainly. The Kuanneng Semiconductor project plans to invest 1.4 billion yuan to produce six-inch silicon-based integrated circuit chips and power devices.

The Jiushang Semiconductor, a metal coating industry, plans to invest 2 billion yuan to produce intelligent functional nano-coatings.