CHALLENGE: Raise The Brand Profile, Raise Some Noise

Kari Gran is an all-natural skincare and makeup brand. While it had attracted a cult-like following among green beauty aficionados, it sought to raise its profile and leadership position among the broader beauty industry. As a relatively small and unknown fish in a huge pond, how to make the industry take note?


Brand Strategy
Public Relations


Strategy: Own the Data, Own the Story

Anecdotally we knew the demand for all-natural beauty products was on the rise, but there were no data to prove it. We identified this as an opportunity for Kari Gran to obtain ownable information important to the industry, which could also be tracked year-over-year for a long-lasting campaign. We created the “Green Beauty Barometer,” an annual survey revealing the shopping habits and attitudes toward green beauty products among American women.

The survey results proved strong. Nearly 60% of women read beauty product labels prior to purchase, and some 40% intended to purchase more all-natural products in the next two years, among other findings. Armed with a fact-backed story, we embarked on media and consumer outreach via a campaign landing page, social media content, press release, and trade, industry and influencer relations.

Results: Industry Experts, Suddenly Sought After

The Green Beauty Barometer campaign proved “red hot.” Industry and consumer media readily reported the findings, resulting in more than 30 editorial placements and 150M impressions. Coverage included, E! News,, Well+Good, Yahoo! Beauty, American Spa, Beauty Store Business, Global Cosmetics Industry, Premium Beauty News and many more.

Requests for copies of the study poured in and led to invaluable contacts and conversation. The survey stats are continuously cited in leading publications when reporting on green beauty, and the company is routinely invited to present the findings at notable industry events. In addition, it serves as a tool to reach buyers and demonstrate the need to carry more all-natural products.

The ownable data turned a little-known brand into a big industry voice overnight.


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