Challenge: Stand Out in a Saturated Market

How do you effectively launch a product in a marketplace where huge brands like Apple, Fitbit, and Microsoft have already established market share? That was the question Northwest startup Pivotal Living posed as it searched for a partner to help launch its new fitness band and digital fitness-tracking ecosystem.


Brand Strategy
Public Relations


Strategy: Positioning, Pricing, Powerful Reviews

We worked with Pivotal Living to fine-tune target markets and determine which product features and ownable messages should be shared with each audience. For example, taking Fitbit head-on with tech press via the band’s no-more-decoding-dots OLED screen and unique membership model, or capturing mainstream mindshare with beautiful photography focused on real life (not just the “fit” life) and the “Wow, I really can afford a wearable” price message. Additionally, knowing pre-orders were critical both for cash flow and demonstrating proof-of-concept, we fine-tuned the launch program timing to support early sales goals—from media previews and the national announcement, to how and where to host pre-orders, to editorial and shipment deadlines to make the critical holiday season.

Results: Smashing Sales Success

Duo PR was Pivotal Living’s only external marketing spend at launch. Within three months, the company reported seven-figure revenues and a six-digit membership base. The PR team captured more than 370 million media impressions in a 75-day launch window, and secured in-person product previews with 10 targeted media VIPs, including CNET, Reader’s Digest, Forbes, GeekWire, Engadget, USA Today and more. Additionally, a standout holiday campaign drove Q4 sales and coverage in Tech Times, Information Week and others, while a year-two dedicated retail partnership push to drive sales on Amazon resulted in coverage on ZDNet and CNET, among others.


Figure Revenue Jump


Earned Media Impressions


Top Tier Product Previews