CHALLENGE: push solar website traffic

Panasonic, a world-renowned consumer-electronics brand, wanted to increase awareness for its growing solar-energy solutions, particularly its high-efficiency solar panels for European homeowners. Panasonic had recently built a new, interactive online platform that enabled consumers to input details of their roof to gain an accurate estimate of how much solar energy they can generate with Panasonic solar panels and the financial investment and return they can expect. Impress was tasked with generating awareness and qualified online traffic to the new platform, with a focus on Panasonic’s target markets of the U.K., Netherlands and Italy.


Brand Strategy
Digital Marketing and Content


Strategy: Get Social, Get Engaged

Social media was central to our strategy. We had managed Panasonic’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts for its solar division for one year. During that time we grew their social media following across all platforms through consistent, engaging content. With a solid follower base, we viewed social media, particularly Facebook, as an effective platform to raise awareness for the company’s new solar website through advertising.

Our creative team designed a suite of digital advertisements featuring an assortment of topics, including reducing homeowner energy bills,

generating income through solar and reducing a consumer’s carbon footprint, to name a few. After agreeing on an advertising time frame and schedule, we published the ads on Facebook, targeting homeowners in the U.K., Netherlands and Italy.

Simultaneously, we conducted a consumer media engagement program to generate coverage on Panasonic’s new website to help further boost awareness and web traffic.

Results: Site Traffic Exceeds Expectations

Our advertising campaign surpassed Panasonic’s expectations. The campaign generated strong, consistent traffic to Panasonic’s new online platform, resulting in high-quality lead generation and inquiries into Panasonic’s solar solutions. Further, the ad prompted vibrant discussion and debate among consumers about solar and the benefits of adopting clean energy, which was an added bonus.

Strong media coverage—particularly within Italy, where domestic solar is increasing in popularity—helped raise greater awareness of the online service to drive additional audience to the platform.


month-on-month website traffic increase


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