CHALLENGE: Getting in the Ring With Goliath

The residential building-integrated solar market is a fast-growing one, and one dominated by a household name: Tesla. Our client, Forward Inc., was launching a competitive—and, by some measures, a superior—product for this market segment. Our mission was two-fold. First, we needed to communicate the key technology benefits to two distinct audiences: general consumers with limited renewable knowledge, and seasoned solar-savvy journalists. Second, we needed to position Forward Inc. in a way that transcended the “David vs. Goliath” paradigm, without naming “Goliath.”


Brand Strategy
Public Relations


Strategy: Head-to-Head Positioning

We scoured personal connections and resources to gather information on residential building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) technologies. We then analyzed BIPV product positioning trends and audited the competitive set, revealing Forward Inc.’s advantages in terms of up-front cost, ROI timelines, performance and aesthetics.

From there, we interviewed Forward Inc.’s founder and CEO, Zach Taylor, to better understand the product’s key differentiators and value proposition. Once we had determined the major market themes, product messaging and brand voice, the team put pen to paper and drafted press materials to tell a persuasive solar story.

To validate Forward Inc.’s bold comparisons to Tesla, Kiterocket coordinated an exclusive interview with one of the solar industry’s most scrupulous and respected cleantech reporters, under embargo. After a challenging interview, it resulted in a positive article that made comparisons to Tesla. Using this article as an anchor for more industry news and reviews, we sent the press materials to other editors and publications to build coverage momentum. The package featured attractive photographs of the Forward Inc. solar roof and a cost and feature comparison chart, implying the David vs. Goliath story dynamic.

Results: More Revenue, Sky High Profile

In addition to generating $5M in potential revenue from 1,000 refundable pre-order reservations, the Forward Inc. brand is now a known player in the solar industry and is mentioned in comparison to Tesla. Since the launch, Forward Inc. has received attention from investors as well as trained engineers who want to work for and grow with the company. As a result of our work, the company is now positioned to begin manufacturing and installing its first solar roofs within a year of the launch.


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