How you look at deep technology is important. B2B marketing gets a justified reputation for being a late adopter. That’s good and bad—bad for the late-to-the-game marketing professionals, but great for those willing to evolve.

In this episode of B2B Marketing, Martijn Pierik, Kiterocket’s managing partner in the Phoenix office, talks about how the nature of communications and marketing campaigns have changed in the last five to ten years, and how marketers must adapt given the domination of mobile.

He additionally discusses how the mindset has changed from being campaign-based to communications that are real-time, ongoing and adaptive, and the reality that marketing is no longer solely at the mercy of journalists to tell a brand’s story, as communicators incorporate “paid, earned, owned” into their tool kit, as well as how the domination of mobile impacts the way marketers must adapt.


The B2B Marketing Minute is a vlog and podcast that explores new communications for B2B and deep-technology companies.