APTCHIP’s test base project was signed in Zhejiang Province

Zhejiang Jiashan Economy Development Zone signed an agreement with Shenzhen APTCHIP Microelectronics Co., Ltd. on July 19th.


The signed APTCHIP Microelectronics Jiashan test base project involves a total investment of 2 billion yuan to build a fully national produced and controllable MCU chip test platform. The project will be constructed in two phases, becoming an MCU chip testing base covering the Yangtze River Delta and testing and shipping various MCU chips using APTCHIP’s IPs.


Founded in October 2012, Shenzhen APTCHIP Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focusing on 32-bit MCU chips. The R&D team has independently developed a complete domestic first MCU IP library certified for mass production of 100 million chips. In addition, they created a series of highly reliable MCU products based on the RISC-V architecture core, which is widely used in industrial control, the Internet of things, smart home appliances, consumer electronics, and other market fields.




Tenafei enterprise-level SSD control chip R&D center and sales center settled in Suzhou

Shishan Business Innovation Zone of Suzhou High-Tech Zone signed an agreement with Beijing Tenafei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. on July 18th.


Tenafei will build an enterprise-level solid-state drive (SSD) R&D center in the High-Tech Zone, with a total investment of 310 million yuan and a construction period of 5 years. After construction, it is estimated that the annual revenue will be nearly 100 million yuan. After constructing the enterprise-level SSD R&D center, Tenafei also plans to set up the sales center in the High-Tech Zone, which is expected to achieve sales revenue of tens of millions of dollars in 2023.


Founded in 2019, Tenafei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is an SSD R&D provider integrating chip design and firmware development, including overall system solutions and quality verification. Its main business direction is flash-based high-speed memory chips, firmware, and system design and development.




Denglin Technology East China headquarters signed in Suzhou High-Tech Zone

Suzhou High-Tech Zone signed a strategic cooperation contract with Denglin Technology, a high-performance general computing enterprise. They are setting up an East China headquarters in the Hushuguan Economic and Technological Development Zone, which will further enhance the competitiveness and influence of the regional integrated circuit industry. They plan to cover three business segments: Denglin Technology global supply chain headquarters, East China R&D center, and East China sales center.


Founded in 2017, Denglin Technology and its core team members are from world-famous chip design companies such as S3, NVIDIA, AMD, and Alibaba. Each has more than 20 years of experience in GPU R&D and commercial productization. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company has R&D centers in Chengdu, Hangzhou, Beijing, Suzhou, Shenzhen, and Xi’an.




ZDX’s electronic detonator digital chip module project settled in Jiangxi Province

The signing ceremony of Shenzhen ZDX Communication Equipment Co., Ltd’’s electronic detonator digital chip module and whole industry supporting project was held in Yiyang County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, on July 15th.


The project’s total investment is 550 million yuan, of which the fixed investment is 150 million yuan. The project plans to build an SMT production line, electronic detonator chip module assembly line, electronic detonator chip module supporting capacitor production line, electronic detonator chip module conductor production line, and an electronic detonator clamp production line.


Shenzhen ZDX Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. Its headquarters is located in Shenzhen Software Industry Base. It also set up subsidiaries in Shanghai, Luoyang, and Dongguan, specializing in the design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales of high-end intelligent digital products. Such as IT chips, smart home equipment, communication equipment, electronic detonator chips, intelligent detonating systems, and automation equipment.




BYD Semiconductor Jinan R&D center project signed in Jinan High-Tech Zone


Jinan Fudi Battery project connection activity was held on July 16th.

Jinan Fudi battery project is located in the Linkong Economic Zone of Jinan High-Tech Zone, with a total planned investment of about 10 billion yuan. It plans to build 16 power battery production lines with a total production capacity of 30gwh/year.


At the ceremony, Jinan High-Tech Zone and BYD Semiconductor Co., Ltd. signed the agreement to enter the BYD Semiconductor Jinan R&D center project. BYD Semiconductor Jinan R&D center will focus on BYD Semiconductor industry ecology, carry out R&D, sales, and services of power semiconductors, intelligent control ICs, intelligent sensors, photoelectric semiconductors, and other related products. It is committed to building a world-famous and domestic first-class new technology R&D center integrating key technology R&D and chip sales services.