Last week in China, 25 new advanced manufacturing and semiconductor projects were signed in Hunan province, and a 2.2 billion yuan optoelectronics industrial base was signed in Guangdong province. Read on for more information about those projects and more semiconductor news in China.

 25 advanced manufacturing projects signed in Hunan 

On July 14, 25 advanced manufacturing projects with a total investment of 5.3 billion yuan were jointly signed and kicked off in Xiangxiang City, Hunan.

One key project signed was Hunan Hongci Electronic Technology’s new inductance components manufacturing base, which received a 220 million yuan investment. The company also received 600 million yuan to build a high-end electronic component line, which is expected to generate an annual output of 2 billion yuan per year.

Also announced at the ceremony, Dongguan Anzhixin Semiconductor Technology will invest 250 million yuan to build a semiconductor component manufacturing base. The project will mainly manufacture optical communication sensors, laser emitters, semiconductor components and electronic components. It is expected to generate 300 million yuan in annual revenue after completion.

Furthermore, Shenzhen Tongdaxin Circuit Technology’s integrated circuit carrier manufacturing base project was signed at the event. The planned investment is 220 million yuan, which will be used to manufacture semiconductor components, electronic components and automatic mechanical equipment.

Kickoff ceremony held for CCL production project

The groundbreaking ceremony for Guangdong Yinghua’s high-performance copper clad laminate (CCL) production line project was held at the Guangdong Meizhou Pingyuan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone on July 12.

The production line will produce 10 million high-performance pieces of CCL annually. The project also includes new infrastructure such as production workshops, warehouses, comprehensive buildings, testing equipment and more.

The project is being backed by Weihua Group Guangdong Yinghua Electronic Materials, which has planned a total investment of 1 billion yuan and 37 acres of land.

Optoelectronics industrial contract signed in Guangdong 

 On July 9, Guangdong Xianghai Optoelectronics Technology signed an agreement to build its new industrial base in Yunfu New District, Guangdong province.

A total of 2.2 billion yuan was invested into the project, primarily to build a manufacturing center covering 33 acres. The facility will produce an annual output of 20 million sets of large display modules. It is expected to generate 6 billion yuan in annual revenue and create 1,500 new jobs in the area.

Guangdong Xianghai Optoelectronics Technology develops, designs, produces and sells LCD products.

Optical material project signed in Jiangsu Province

 Shanxi Yuhao’s new optical material project was signed and settled in Suxitong Park in Nantong, Jiangsu province on July 12. The project is funded by Shanxi Pingyao Coal Chemical Group, which invested 1 billion yuan.

Established in 2012, Yuhao New Optical Material Company is a subsidiary company of Pingyao Coal Chemical Group. The company is mainly engaged in manufacturing polymer materials, such as PMMA, PE, PP, MS, etc., and researching new materials and products.