Bomin Electronics plans to invest in IC packaging substrate industrial base project.

Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd. announced on May 25 that it signed Strategic Collaborative Agreement for the Bomin IC packaging substrate industrial base project with Hefei Economy Technology Development Zone.

Bomin Electronics plans to invest 6 billion yuan building a Bomin IC packaging substrate industrial base in the Hefei Economic Technology Development Zone . The project will be constructed in two phases. The total investment of the first phase will be 3 billion yuan, and the second phase will be 3 billion yuan as well.

The Bomin Electronics project will focus on manufacturing high-end high density packaging substrate products used in various areas such as memory chips, MEMS, high-speed communication, and Mini LED. The first phase plans to start construction in 2022, while the second phase will begin construction in 2025.


Several significant projects were signed in Suzhou High-Tech Zone.

The signing ceremony of major projects was held in Suzhou High-Tech Zone on May 24. There were 52 key integrated circuit projects, foreign-funded projects, and headquarters projects signed with a total investment of 33.7 billion yuan. In addition, the three industrial innovation clusters of high-end equipment manufacturing, new-generation information technology, and modern service industry in Suzhou High Tech Zone were unveiled.

The key integrated circuit projects include:

  • Changguang Huaxin optical industrial park
  • Lixianag Vehicle’s power semiconductor R&D and manufacturing base
  • Xinlei Semiconductor manufacturing base

The foreign-funded projects include Hongkong ESR international life science industrial park and Aicheng Technology’s third-generation chip packaging materials. The headquarter projects include Suteng Electronics R&D manufacturing headquarter and Canadian Solar global supply chain headquarters.

Among the projects signed on May 24 were the three major industrial innovation platforms: Siemens Yangtze River Delta artificial intelligence co-creation laboratory, Nanjing University national integrated circuit industry education integration innovation platform Suzhou center, and integrated circuit reliability verification public service platform.


Ten projects settled in Ninghuai intelligent manufacturing industrial park.

The first signing ceremony of Ninghuai Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park in 2022 was held in Nanjing on May 20. Ten projects, including MicroBonding integrated circuit packaging and testing base project and the Shangjing robots manufacturing system project, were settled in the industrial park with a total investment of 5.3 billion yuan.

Aolian’s new energy power system manufacturing base is one of the signed projects in which Aolian Electronics invested 500 million yuan. MicroBonding integrated circuit packaging and testing base project is financed by Nanjing MicroBonding, which has advanced packaging technology in China. The total investment in the project is expected to be 500 million yuan.


Six projects settled in Jiangxi Province.

The signing ceremony of the 2022 significant projects was held in Wan’an County, Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, on May 20.

Six projects were signed at the ceremony, including Juhong Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd., Jiangxi Xinhong Optical Technology Co. Ltd., Wan’an Xinyue Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., and Jiangxi Enwei Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., with a total investment of 8.3 billion yuan.

Jilin Juhong Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. invests in Juhong Intelligent’s high-end LCD module manufacturing project with a total investment of 1 billion yuan. Fifty million yuan was the registered capital, and the fixed investment will be 800 million yuan. The investment is to be used to purchase TFT full-automatic production lines, including 80 sets of COG full-automatic, FOG, and full-automatic laminating machines. In addition, the project states it will build 10 full-automatic production lines, and the annual capacity will be 50 million sets of TFT LCD modules.

Guangdong Xinhong Technology Co. Ltd. invested 1 billion yuan into the Xinhong photoelectric LED semiconductor packaging and eye protection lighting project. The 5G intelligent lighting series lamp manufacturing project has a registered capital of 55 million yuan and a fixed investment of 850 million yuan. The project’s annual capacity will be over 1.5 billion LED chip packaging lamp units, over 500,000 sets of 5G intelligent city lighting, smart school health lighting, office and household eye protection lighting, and medical lighting after the project ramps into production.

Xinyue Electronic Technology touch screen and intelligent wearable products manufacturing project is jointly invested by Gaoge Wangpai Electronic Group(HongKong) Co. Ltd. and Wan’an Beiyuan Technology Co. Ltd. with a total investment of 500 million yuan. The registered capital will be 40 million dollars. The fixed investment will be 400 million yuan which will be used to purchase 2 32-75 inch New Shibaura high-speed full-automatic binding lines and four full-automatic partial sticking lines. After the project ramps into production, the annual capacity will be 8 million sets of touch screens and intelligent wearable products.

Enwei Electronic intelligent terminal and SMT project is invested by Shenzhen Huiyu Tiancheng Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. with a total investment of 300 million yuan; the registered capital is 15 million yuan, and the fixed investment will be 220 million yuan. The project will purchase 20 sets of mold injection equipment, 20 sets of mold temperature controllers, 20 sets of mechanical arms, three sets of intelligent anti daze systems for the assembly line, eight full-automatic SMT production lines, and two assembly production lines, and about eight sets of auxiliary equipment.