CJCET Estimated to Have a Deficit of $400M in 2018

CJCET announced its financial report on Jan. 31, 2019. The company’s estimated revenue, which belongs to shareholders of the listed company, will be -$760 million to -$890 million. The net profits will be -$114 million to -$127 million.

“With the index of semiconductor market prosperity going down and the sluggish mobile communication market, and other factors such as paying a premium for STATS ChipPAC, it’s estimated that the deficit will be about $400 million,”  said a CJCET spokesperson.


Tongfu Microelectronics Second-Phase Project Capped, Set to Ramp Into Production Second Half of 2019

On Jan. 30, NanTong Tongfu Microelectronics’ second-phase project was successfully capped, setting the foundation for ramping into production in the second half of 2019.

According to a report from the local TV station, Tongfu Microelectronics’ second-phase project is based in Su-Tong Science & Technology Industrial Park, which belongs to Tongfu’s smart chip packaging and test program. The total investment of this project is about $8 billion. The products will be used in such applications internet of things, 5G high-speed chips, artificial intelligence high-efficiency chips, etc.

The first phase, built with a $2.07 billion investment, is in operation, with 1,500 equipment sets producing a monthly capacity of 100 million IC chips. To date, it is reportedly the most advanced BGA packaging and test product line in China.

The second phase will produce the most advanced fan-out wafer-level packaged high-tech smart chips.

After the completion of the second phase, Tongfu will start the construction of the third phase.

After all construction is complete, the project’s annual production capacity is expected to be  3.6 billion packaging and testing IC products and 1.32 million tested wafers, making it one of the biggest IC packaging and test bases in China.