Last week’s semiconductor project news in China includes the largest-ever industrial investment project in Shengzhou and a 1.5 million square meter circuit board production line. More details below:

Semiconductor deposition and coating equipment production base signed in Xuzhou

Guangdong Leading Thin Materials Co., Ltd. signed a project to build a domestic production base for semiconductor deposition and coating equipment on June 16 in Xuzhou.

The base will produce a variety of products that include compound semiconductor thin film equipment, MEMS thin film equipment, a MDS thin film production line, precision optical thin film equipment, TCO coating equipment, HIT glass coating equipment, flat panel display array coating equipment, and more.

The base was among the seven projects signed at a ceremony in the Xuzhou High-Tech Zone. The seven projects, which span industries like integrated circuits and biomedicine, have received investments totaling 6 billion yuan.

Largest industrial investment project in Shengzhou history signed

The signing ceremony for the Zhengwei Shengzhou 5G New Material Technology City project was held in Shengzhou, Zhejiang Province on June 12.

The project is being funded and built by the Zhengwei International Group, which invested a total of 15 billion yuan. The first phase of construction is expected to cost about 7 billion yuan and use 600 acres of land.

This is reportedly the largest industrial investment project in Shengzhou history. The annual sales revenue for the project will be over 50 billion yuan after it ramps into production, strengthening the 5G industrial chain in the area.

Integrated circuit board production line project signed in Nanjing

A 1.5 million square meter integrated circuit manufacturing project was signed by Zhejiang Rochtech Technology Co., Ltd., in Lishui, Nanjing on June 10.

The company will build an integrated circuit board production line and purchase lithography machines, developing machines, robotic arms, and other equipment.

The project was one of 16 formally signed at the Economic Belt Cooperation Pilot Zone Promotion Conference. The investment in the projects totaled 10.89 billion yuan.

Several semiconductor projects kicked off in Xi’an High-Tech Zone

The groundbreaking ceremony of 51 major projects in Xi’an High-Tech Zone was held on June 15. The projects in the ceremony had a combined 116.5 billion yuan in total funding, and cover areas including advanced manufacturing, new materials and energy, and electrical information.

One of the projects now underway is the BYD Xi’an R&D project, which received a 1.8 billion yuan investment to perform automotive technology research on power batteries, cloud technology and chip testing.

Another project that kicked off was a compound wafer development and production project from Xi’an Tangjing Quantum Technology Co., Ltd. The company will invest 600 million yuan to build 20 epitaxy production lines. It will have an annual capacity of 183,600 gallium arsenide and indium phosphide semiconductor epitaxial wafers.