Semiconductor activity in China continued to ramp up last week, with 30 projects worth more than 60 billion yuan signed in the Xi’an High-Tech Zone and an electronic industrial park expected to create 6,000-8,000 new jobs greenlit in Shaanxi Province.

Read on for more information about those projects and much more in this week’s China semiconductor news rundown.

Electric special gas and container R&D project signed in Suchu

Suzhou Serangte’s “Electric Special Gas Intelligent Equipment and Container R&D” project was signed on June 7 in the Sino-Singapore Suchu High-Tech Zone.

The total investment in the project will be 300 million yuan and 40 acres of land, which will be used to further the research, development and processing of electronic-grade special gas containers to serve high-end electronic gas customers in the semiconductor industry.

Once the project is fully operational, the output value is expected to reach 400 yuan.

Electronic and epitaxial wafer project began trial production in Lushui

Zhejiang Vivotal Electronic Technology Co. began a trial to produce electrotonic wafers and epitaxial wafers on June 9 in the Zhejiang Lishui Economic Development Zone.

The total investment in the project is 5.5 billion yuan, with 500 million yuan reserved for cutting, grinding and polishing high-end electronic-grade semiconductor materials and R&D of epitaxial wafers.

The company’s existing orders are scheduled to be filled by September 2021.

30 projects signed in Xi’an High-Tech Zone

The Investment Environment Conference and key projects signing ceremony of Xi’an High-Tech Zone was held during the 2021 Global Hard Technology Conference on June 9.

There were 30 projects signed with a total investment of 68.546 billion yuan. The signed projects cover areas such as electrical information, advanced manufacturing, infrastructure and more.

One major project signing was a researching center for Xiaomi, which has a planned investment of 220 million yuan. Xiaomi will build the research center in Xi’an High-Tech Zone to research smart terminals like mobile phones.

Another key project signed on June 9 was a semiconductor packaging and testing production line that received a 640 million yuan investment to improve the region’s industrial development.

Electronic industrial park project worth 10 billion yuan signed in Shaanxi 

The Skyworth Intelligent Electronic Industrial Park project, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan, was signed in Xixian New District of Shaanxi Province on June 4.

The project will produce 1 million units of kitchen appliances and smart electronics, 500,000 units of smart home production bases, 500 million 3C batteries, and 100 million special lithium batteries.

After its expected operational launch before the end of 2022, the project is expected to generate at least 10 billion yuan in sales income and drive 6,000-8,000 new jobs.

LCD production project signed in Jingmen City

 The signing ceremony for a project to build six fully automated LCD production lines was held in Jingmen City in Hubei Province on June 5.

The planned investment of 250 million yuan will produce an annual capacity of 20 million LCD screens per year.

Established in 2017, Shenzhen Zhuoweixin Technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, manufacturing, and sales of touch screens, cameras, digital products, optical products, and communication products.