With 5G technology quickly emerging in all types of industries across the world, China is leading most 5G developments. The building of a 5G demonstration operation line and commercialization of SoC for 5G communication technologies show how advancements are coming from China.

Hefei City Builds Autonomous Driving 5G Demonstration Line

Anhui Daily recently announced that Hefei City will begin building a 4.4-kilometer long automated driving 5G demonstration operation line. The opening of the line is planned by the end of this year, with a variety of application scenarios for smart connected vehicles.

While developing and constructing the 5G operation line, Hefei City will actively build a research and production platform for intelligent networking of automobiles and will develop such vehicle-related equipment as assisted driving, automated driving, and intelligent network-connected automobile terminals.

To date, three major operators have constructed 25 test sites in key areas of Hefei. The next steps for the city will be to begin the overall construction of the 5G network, to finish the 5G network deployment in hotspot areas, and to deploy 5G network coverage in important areas.


Ziguang Zhanrui Commercializes SoC for 5G Technologies

Ziguang Zhanrui, a subsidiary of semiconductor company Ziguang Group, plans to commercialize a new generation of 5G system-on-chip (SoC) semiconductor products that will integrate core processors and 5G modems.

According to Nikkei Business News, Chen Zhou, senior marketing vice president of Ziguang Zhanrui, explained that because of the recent Huawei issue, many Chinese companies have a sense of urgency to adjust their supply chain to avoid the risk of their supply being cut off. He added that many Chinese companies have been considering changing their suppliers from U.S. companies to more local companies.

Ziguang Zhanrui plans to launch the integrated processor and 5G SoC chip in the second half of the year in 2020. If adopted by the market, the distance between Ziguang Zhanrui and market leaders will quickly shorten. The company has also recently launched a very active new exhibition plan to improve overall chip design quality. This improvement will include bug fixes to the existing chip design and transforming the overall design process.