Twenty Key Pan-Semiconductor Industry Projects Launch in Haining of Zhejiang Province

Twenty key projects, aimed at expanding the pan-semiconductor industry were signed into being at a ceremony held in Haining of Zhejiang province on February 21, 2019. With a total investment of 11.625 billion yuan, 11 of the projects are funded by foreign enterprises and nine are funded by domestic companies. The projects span development in new materials, smart manufacturing, pan-semiconductor equipment and materials, and more.

The projects include: Ximai semiconductor equipment, funded through a $70 million foreign investment; a high-end semiconductor flip-chip packaging project funded through a $1.2 million Sino-foreign joint venture; a project for research and manufacturing of SiC material funded through a foreign investment of $200 million; and a domestic-funded semiconductor basic materials project with a total investment of 20 million yuan.


Dongguan Zhongqi Photoelectricity Launches Mini-MicroLED Display Module Project

Dongguan Zhongqi Photoelectricity announced it is investing 150 million yuan in 2019 for a start-up Mini-MicroLED Display Module Project. Total investment of the project will be 200 million yuan.

The project will focus on industrial development of Sino Nitride’s halide vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) equipment core technology and GaN substrates combined with Mini+MicroLED epitaxy chip technology to develop new display modules.

Zhongqi Photoelectricity Corporation develops and manufactures Mini+MicroLED backlight and display modules for international large-panel fabs. Its products are used widely for mobile display screens, PCs, TsV, vehicle, and outdoor displays. The Zhongqi photoelectricity project is part of ebChina group.