Zhejiang Announces new AI Development Plan for Breakthrough 300mm Product Line

Zhejiang province recently announced a development plan for next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) that will include various aspects such as talent, technology, hardware, products and applications. Focus will be on achieving progress in key areas such as foundational capacities and company cultivation. The goal is to become the leading domestic region for innovation and industrial development of AI core technologies by 2022.

The Zhejiang province government will support companies such as Alibaba and HIKVISION, etc., in setting up the AI innovation platform. At the center of development will be AI smart chips for end-use applications. It will also include the design, packaging, test and manufacture of high-performance, low-power smart chips for processor, memory, etc.

By offering a 300mm leading-edge product line, strengthening the manufacturing capability of special processes, and quickening the development pace of high-end memory and third-generation compound semiconductors, the Zhejiang province government hopes to encourage integrated device manufacturer innovation and attract chip foundries.


CATL Battery Builds World’s Largest Battery Factory

CATL Battery recently announced that it will build the world’s largest electronic vehicle battery factory on 82 hectares in Erfurt, Germany. The company said it will invest €240 million in the factory and create 600 new positions. When production capacity reaches 100 GWh, it is estimated it will ship 93 containers daily.

Preorder numbers from the factory continue to climb, and include such customers as BMW, Daimler, PSA Group, Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover. According to the company, building the German factory is in line with CATL Battery’s goal of remaining competitive in Europe; however, customers will not be limited to Europe.