HIKVISION Science Park Set Up in Hefei

HIKVISION has signed separate collaboration agreements with Hefei government and Hefei Science Park to build HIKVISION Hefei Science Park. The park will be HIKVISION’s industry base, innovation platform and application demonstration center, located in China’s midlands. It will provide comprehensive video technology solutions for various industries’ requirements.

Meanwhile, HikVision will build a branch center for a next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) open innovation platform to assist the Hefei government in creating a domestic, leading AI research and industry development demonstration base.


228 Important Projects Kick Off in Xuzhou

2019 is starting off well for Xuzhou of Jiangsu province, thanks to a total investment of 175.64 billion yuan earmarked for 228 critical technology projects including photoresist, etch, packaging and test programs. The annual investment will be 86.86 billion yuan.

The semiconductor projects include a silicon carbide project, a Hans Semiconductor module project, a safari chip manufacturing project, and an infrared detector project. In Pizhou, Kewei will invest 1.5 billion yuan in a photoresist project that includes construction of a national-level photoresist engineering lab, a 248nm photoresist product line and a 193nm R&D industry base.

Jiangsu Shanghe Semiconductor Corp. plans an expansion of its 300mm magnetic memory etcher project. Jiangsu Sovalue plans to expand its new semiconductor metal-oxide chemical vapor deposition equipment support materials project, and Xuzhou Haixinwei Electronics Corp. is focusing on a smart audio chip design project.

(Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/UKwSEUQTujy6BATKOtxiJw)