China’s IC Design Industry Grows 23% in 2018

According to the latest research report from TrendForce, in 2018, China IC design industry’s revenue has reached 251.5 billion yuan, representing 23% year-on-year growth. Three companies reported revenues over 1 billion yuan, four companies reported growth in excess of 20%, and two companies reported double-digit declines. HiSilicon, UNISOC, and OmniVision are the top three companies mentioned in the report.

Looking ahead to 2019, TrendForce predicts that China will continue to become more self-sufficient with its chip supply, furthering the growth of its domestic IC design industry. 2019 revenues are expected to total 292.5 billion yuan. However, growth will slow to 17.9% due to negative factors such as a reduction in consumer electronic product manufacturing, and the global economic downturn.


Three IC Programs Launched in Jinjiang

A signing ceremony for hundreds of new programs was held February 19, 2019, in Jinjiang, Fujian Province. Among them, EoChip, Hejiaxin, Sansuwei each established IC industry supply chain programs.

EoChip is a photo-communication chip design company that was founded in April 2012.

Hejiaxin, a young company founded in July 2018, set up a packaging and test program.

Sansuwei, founded in September 2018, will engage in IC research for electronics products and communications equipment. The company provides IC design and information system integrated services.