Brain-like Chip and Smart System Research Platform for Next-generation AI Development

A brain-like chip and system-on-chip (SoC) smart system research and transformation functional platform was officially launched in Shanghai. Lead by Shanghai NeuHeLium Corp. and funded by Fudan University, Yangpu District Government, and Beijing XinZhi Group, the center will focus on pushing the development of next-generation artificial intelligence (AI).

The first phase of the 4600m2 facility to house the platform was completed in 2018. It comprises an AI chip development environment with technical support, chip and AI big data test support, a talent bank, and start-up and business expansion support.

The AI chip lab is equipped with world-leading chip development systems and equipment that allows the platform corporation team to share the development environment. The AI big data test platform will build a comprehensive data bank of typical application scenarios, such as data with audio, video, and bio-signal, etc. By generating massive amounts of lab data, the corporation team can shorten the time from chip development to industry transformation.


Gosinoic Reports 2018 Net Profits of 348 Million Yuan

Gosinoic, a Chinese integrated circuit chip design and development company, reported rapid year-on-year growth of 34.47% in 2018, with gross revenues totaling 2.46 billion yuan. Net profits were 348 million yuan, representing 24% year-on-year growth.

Gosinoic attributes this growth to its 2018 business strategy. The company focused on its core business, continued to strengthen the development of new products and technology, and extended into new application markets.