Senodia Kicks off 1 Billion Yuan MEMS Project

Senodia Technology, a leading MEMS chip supplier in China, ramped its MEMS gyro series inertial sensor and chip production line targeting a yearly capacity of 120000 units. The initial investment in 2019 is 402 million yuan. Total investment in the project will be 1 billion yuan.

This is just one of nine key projects starting up in Suzhou of Anhui Province. An opening ceremony was held February 25 for 2019 key projects that include smart manufacturing and integrated circuits. In addition to the Senodia project, other projects include Aidisi’s smart home technology industry park project, and Phyblue’s micro-melt sensor chip and sensor project. The total investment will be 7.5 billion yuan.

Founded in 2008, Senodia Technology specialized in motion sensors such as commercial grade MEMS gyroscopes, industrial grade gyroscopes, inertial measurement units, magnetometers, and other types of MEMS sensors such as microphones.



Huantai Signs$1.5 Billion Advanced Packaging Test Project in Wuxi

Huantai signed an agreement to set up a $1.5 billion advanced packaging test project in Wuxi. Funded by Well Bright Future Ltd. company, the project will include a 340,000mfactory intended to compete as one of the top 10 global IC packaging and test companies (top 3 domestic). It will provide complete product solutions for panel level packaging.

With a total investment of $1.5 billion, the project will be constructed in two phases:

  • With an initial investment of $900 million (registered capital $300 million), construction of phase one will begin in the second half of 2019, with a target production ramp in 2020.
  • Phase two investment will be $600 million (registered capital will be no less than $200 million). Revenue is estimated to reach about RMB 5 billion a year after production ramp.