In the past week, China’s first 5G micro base station was successfully developed along with 21 key projects signed to settle within Bengbu, Anhui Province. Along with this news, SEMI announced the new dates for the upcoming SEMICON China show. Read more:

First 5G Micro Base Station Successfully Developed 

China’s first 5G micro base station for radiofrequency chips was successfully developed by Nanjing Yudu Communication Technology Corp and is currently undergoing packaging testing. 

This chip not only covers the 700MHz radio and television frequency band but also is compatible with the 3.3-3.4GHz shared indoor frequency band of Chin Telecom, China Unicom and broadcast. 

5G base stations are divided into either macro or micro base stations. Micro base stations are mainly used for indoor coverage and have a small transmit power, generally around 200 milliwatts. They are widely used in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, community homes, and other public locations. This type of base station can effectively improve the capacity of indoor coverage areas and solve coverage issues at a much lower cost.

21 Key Projects Signed in Anhui Province

It was reported on March 4th that 21 key projects were signed to settle in Bengbu, Anhui Province. The total investment is 8.91 billion yuan and involves projects in a variety of fields such as chip packaging, optical equipment, new materials, new energy, high-end service industries, urban complexes, and medical and pharmaceuticals. 

Following are some of the projects contracted at this time:

Sazou Nuovo Film Inc. plans to invest 580 million yuan into a two-phase project in the Chengnan New District. The first phase will be a medium-sized, nanosilver and flexible touch module project. The second will be a nanosilver ink base and application project. 

In the same district, Jiangsu Gelite Electronics will invest 1.4 billion yuan into a chip packaging and testing project for semiconductor integrated circuits. 

All 21 key projects are expected to begin in quarter one of 2020.

SEMICON China Announces New Show Dates 

Today, SEMI announced the new date of SEMICON/FPD China 2020 as June 26-29. Originally scheduled for March 18-20, the event was postponed due to the spread of COVID-19. 

According to SEMI’s official announcement, they expect to have a safe and successful event at the end of June due to the declining number of new COVID-19 cases and the improving containment within China. The location of SEMICON China will remain the same – SNIEC and Kerry Hotel. Within the next 10 days, the SEMI team will follow up with all exhibitors and sponsors to help ensure a smooth transition.