Wujiang District of Suzhou Kicks Off Silicon Photonic Chip Integrated Optical Module Project

Wujiang’s new district of Suzhou hosted a kickoff ceremony for 39 programs, representing a total investment of 28.3 billion yuan. These projects span the spectrum of the advanced manufacturing industry, the modern service industry, infrastructure, etc.

The silicon photonic chip integrated optical module is a semiconductor industry project in which Hengtong and Luokeli invested 190 million yuan. This investment funded the purchase of nine automatic hot-pressing soldering machines, 130 high-speed test instruments and 10 die placement tools. When the manufacturing line is fully ramped, it will be able to integrate 1.2 million silicon photonic chips into optical modules.

(Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/eKqya4erR_Qj4r8rRWJBsQ)

GCL Big Wafer Project to Test Samples in September 2019

Energy conglomerate Golden Concord Holdings, Ltd. (GCL) entered the semiconductor industry in 2018 with a 15 billion yuan wafer manufacturing project in Xuzhou, China. The company claims it will manufacture 1 million semiconductor crystals/month, yielding 300,000 200mm wafers and 500,000 300mm wafer per month. It will also engage in auxiliary semiconductor manufacturing projects.

According to the schedule, GCL plans to open its crystal furnace in May, finish the debugging process in August, and run test samples in September. After GCL finishes the construction of the project, Xuzhou will become the largest global base for semiconductor material manufacturing.

(Source: https://laoyaoba.com/newinfo?id=705671)