Hefei Saimo Kesi industrialization project for semiconductor quartz material and temperature measuring sensors starts construction.

A groundbreaking ceremony for Hefei Saimo Kesi’s semiconductor quartz material and temperature measuring sensor industrialization project was held on June 18. The project has a reported total investment of 320 million yuan and covers an area of 20 mu. The production scale is projected to comprise about 30,000 quartz components, such as quartz cavities, supports, furnace tubes, and about 15,000 temperature sensors.

Established in October 2020, Hefei Saimo Kesi Semiconductor Material Co Ltd mainly focuses on developing and producing high-purity precision quartz components for the semiconductor industry. The company has built collaborative relationships with multiple domestic 12-inch semiconductor fabs.


High-end lithographic material industry base project signed in Hefei

Hefei Xinzhan High-Tech Zone and Suzhou Weimai Xincai Semiconductor Co Ltd signed an investment collaboration agreement to build a high-end lithographic material industry base on June 21.

Currently, the industrial base is mainly focused on localization and mass production of high-end lithographic materials for semiconductors and new displays.

Suzhou Weimai Xincai focuses on R&D and production of core technical materials, including photo acid generators, semiconductor precursors, BARC layer resin, and polyimide. Its subsidiary company, WIMAS, supplies electronic core materials for many well-known semiconductor enterprises.


Panuo New Energy and Ruicheng Microelectronics joint venture project signed in Changshu

Yushan High-Tech Zone, Changshu, Jiangsu Province, held a signing ceremony with Changshu Panuo New Energy, Chizhou Ruicheng Microelectronics, on June 20.

The reported total investment in the joint venture project by the two companies will be 80 million yuan. The project will be built in two phases.

The investment in the project’s first phase will be 30 million yuan with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, to be used primarily for laboratory construction, chip designing, application R&D, and intelligent manufacturing. The investment in the second phase will be 50 million yuan, mainly for constructing high-end packaging and testing production lines and high-end intelligent equipment R&D.

Chizhou Ruicheng Microelectronics Co Ltd was established in 2012. Its core business includes chip design, chip packaging and testing, and application solutions development. Ruicheng Microelectronics built Changshu’s first QFN high-end packaging and testing production line and designed a series of RF power amplifier chips, based on the gallium arsenide (GaAs) process, with independent intellectual property rights.


Kaisong Electronic Technology Industrial Park project signed in Shanxi Changzhi High-Tech Zone

Shanxi Changzhi High-Tech Zone and Capxon Electronic (Shenzhen) Co Ltd recently held a signing ceremony for Kaisong Electronic Technology Industrial Park project. With a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan, the project will adopt the global leading production process for producing aluminum foil and energy storage materials. Once complete and in full production, the project will break the monopoly and barrier of foreign countries on aluminum foil and energy storage material process technologies and significantly increase China’s share of these markets.


Tengxun hard technology semiconductor industrial park project signed in Nan’an sub-Park of Quanzhou Silicon Valley

On June 18, Tengyun’s hard technology semiconductor industrial park project was signed at the World Fujian Business Conference. Beijing Tengyun Chuangyi Technology Development Co Ltd is investing in the project, to be located in the Nan’an sub-Park of Quanzhou Silicon Valley, with a total planned area of about 98 mu.

The project’s primary initial goal is to build a semiconductor Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park for incubation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Down the road, the project will focus on building a full-chain industrial platform, integrating materials and equipment, key chips, core components, and terminal applications. In addition, it will integrate industrial characteristics, high-end talent, quality service, advanced industrial acceleration space, production, and living space to help ensure high quality of life for employees.