Within the past week, two companies have taken the next steps to launch their new projects. CJCET held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new advanced packaging production line, while Jinan unveiled its first AIoT cutting-edge technology lab. Read more here:

CJCET Shaoxing Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for 12-inch Advanced Packaging Production Line

This week, Changdian Integrated Circuit (Shaoxing) held a groundbreaking ceremony for its 300mm integrated circuit (IC) advanced packaging production line project. The company, located in Yuecheng District, signed the project in November of 2019 with a total investment of 8 billion yuan.

The project will focus on advanced wafer-level IC fabrication, providing production for chip design and fabrication, and will be built in two phases. The first phase of the project will yield 12-inch wafer-level, advanced packaging capability with an annual capacity of 480,000 wafers. The second phase will focus on high-end packaging R&D and construction of a world-leading advanced packaging production line.

Begun in January 2020, the construction of this project is intended for completion in 14 months.


Jinan Unveils First Cutting-Edge AIoT Technology Lab

On June 3, Anchuang Space Double Innovation Shared Laboratory was unveiled, becoming Jinan’s first AIoT (Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things) cutting-edge technology lab.

The lab will gather innovative ecological resources with ARM core technology and will share global technology achievements with local enterprises. It will also provide advanced technology development platforms, technical consulting, and industrial resource docking services.

According to Wang Donggang, ARM China Commercial Director, this laboratory is shared by Jinan innovation entrepreneurs to build ARM intelligent interconnection technology based on the most upstream “Internet of Everything” in the world. To do this, it will leverage the industry’s latest system-on-chip (SoC) reference design solutions and development platforms.

Currently, the Anchuang Space AIoT cutting-edge technology laboratory configuration includes AI, IoT, VR/AR, intelligent manufacturing, smart cities, and smart vehicles.