H3C Organizes H3C Semiconductor Technology Company

H3C announced that it will launch the H3C Semiconductor Technology Company, aiming to develop its own chip. According to reports from the intelligence firm IDC, in the first three quarters of 2018, H3C was the market leader of China’s SDS block memory.

H3C said that its customers’ requirements are getting tighter, and they want to design products according to customers’ applications and requirements.


SMIC Will Ramp 14nm Technology into Mass Production This Year

In a recent speech at a meeting in Shanghai, the city’s mayor discussed the increasing pace of the development of industries such as integrated circuits, artificial intelligence and biological medicine. Specifically, he noted that SMIC will put 14nm FinFET advanced processes into mass production this year.

An SMIC spokesperson said the company is pleased with its progress on 14nm FinFET technology. The company reports that its first-generation FinFET technology development has entered into the customer lead-in phase. “We have completed development on 28nm HKC+ technology, and its yield has reached industry-level requirements,” said the spokesperson.