As part of the Solar Marketing Think Tank’s mission, we want our community to be a repository for useful solar marketing, PR, social media and market research for the entire solar industry. In addition to writing and receiving original content, we often come across great solar marketing campaigns, videos and articles that we believe are “#ShareWorthy.” Here’s a few that we’ve come across or were submitted to us by fellow Think Tank members:

Using Geographical Data To Find The Best Areas For Solar Sales

Faraday is a new solar data mining company with an online platform that helps solar marketers craft specific information for marketing materials. In this brief blogpost, Narine Hall, Ph.D., uses data to parse out why Fresno, California went through several boom-and-bust residential sales cycles in the 1990s, 2000s and most recently in 2014.

EnergySage Marketplace Intel Report

Speaking of data, EnergySage, a national online solar marketplace website, has mined its customer data to create its first Solar Marketplace Intel Report. Underlining the commoditization trend in solar products, the sales data indicates that solar installers are not committed to a specific panel or inverter brand. In terms of residential solar financing, home solar buyers are reportedly paying in cash or financing with a solar loan rather than signing up for a third-party lease or PPA.

Tips For A Great Solar Business Website

Solar Power World’s managing editor, Kathie Zipp, offers some insights about the elements of a good solar website. There’s some good information here about visual elements, as well as content.

Podcast: 7 Tips For Writing A Solar Project Press Release

Last week, PV-Tech’s Mark Osborne gave his professional tips about writing a good solar product press release. In this article and podcast from Nicole Loepp, marketing coordinator at WTWH Media, Nicole gives additional best practices for writing project and product press releases that get attention.

We’ll continue to compile good info as we come across it and post it here in the blog and newsletter, but we welcome your solar marketing info finds and original thoughts, too.

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