High-end chip packaging and testing project signed in Jining

The online signing ceremony of Jining’s (Pearl River Delta) key investment projects was held on April 25th. Nine projects were signed, including a high-end chip project with an annual capacity of 22.5 billion units, invested by Shandong Liguo Xinwei Electronics Co., Ltd.


The total investment in the project will be 550 million yuan. The project involves building high-tech research, production, and processing facility that integrates chip design, packaging, and testing.


The project features 16 medium and high-end packaging and testing production lines. The project’s first phase will introduce six production lines with an investment of 150 million yuan and medium-end chip packaging lines with an annual capacity of 2.5 billion DIP, SOP, SOT, TSSOP, and TO-220F series that will achieve an annual sales of 160 million yuan. The scale of the second phase will be further expanded with an additional investment of 400 million yuan; it plans to introduce ten production lines with an annual capacity of 20 billion high-level chip packages such as TSV / QFN / DFN and GBA.




Qiangmao Electronics semiconductor packaging project signed in Xuzhou

The cloud signing ceremony of key industrial projects was held at Xuzhou Economy and Development Zone on April 25th.


There were 16 projects signed at the ceremony, including Qiangmao Electronics semiconductor packaging project, Xinhua Semiconductor’s large scale IC-used high-purity silicon materials with an annual capacity of 5,000t, and electrical special gas with an annual capacity of 1,500t, etc.


The total investment in Qiangmao Semiconductor’s integrated circuit packaging and testing chip project is about 950 million yuan. 150,000 square meters of clean plant, research building, and ancillary facilities are newly built and transformed. The first phase of the project’s 45,000 square meters of the original plant is used for dust-free transformation and additional construction, semiconductor component packaging equipment is purchased, and nine high-efficiency semiconductor packaging lines are built. The project’s second phase will build new production workshops and research facilities, create nine high-efficiency semiconductor packaging lines, and produce 24 billion integrated circuit packaging and testing products per year.




Xinhengji Electronic Information Industrial Park project settled in Shandong Province.

The online sighing ceremony of key investment projects was held in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, on April 21st.


Xinhengji Electronic Information Industrial Park project is one of the signed projects invested and built by Hongzhuoda (Hongkong) Technology Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 110 million dollars. The planned total area is about 121 mu.


After the project’s completion, the project’s annual capacity will reach 150 million packaging and testing memory chips. The park will be built into a high-tech enterprise integrating master chip research, design, chip packaging, and testing.




16 integrated circuit industrial projects signed in Wuxi

Sixteen integrated circuit industrial projects were signed in the Huishan Economic and Development Zone of Wuxi on April 22nd, with a total investment of 4.5 billion yuan.


The signed integrated circuit industrial projects include Nano Core Chip’s master chip project, Chipbetter’s RF front-end chip project, Qixin semiconductor packaging, testing equipment project, and semiconductor thermistors project.


In recent years, taking advantage of Wuxi’s industrial heritage and position advantages in integrated circuits, Huishan has actively arranged a new generation of information technology industry represented by integrated circuits. Carefully built an industrial service platform, introduced several industry leaders, and preliminarily built an integrated circuit industry ecosystem integrating chip design, semiconductor device manufacturing, packaging and testing, equipment and material manufacturing, and technical services.




Jabil GreenPoint 10 Billion AI Intelligent terminal module research and manufacturing base project settled in Wuxi High-Tech Zone

Jabil GreenPoint AI Intelligent terminal module researching and manufacturing base project was signed and settled in Wuxi High-Tech Zone on April 22nd, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan. The project plans to build the existing plant of GreenPoint Technology into an intelligent manufacturing base.


It’s reported that Wuxi is the most important manufacturing base for Jabil Group globally. Jabil Group has invested in Wuxi since 2004 in consumer electronics, mechanical parts design, and manufacturing. The relationship between Wuxi and Jabil Group became more entwined after Jabil Group acquired Taiwan GreenPoint in 2007. Several high-quality projects such as 5G intelligent manufacturing industry base, wind energy core components, and new energy storage batteries, Wuxi research center in North Asia gathered in Wuxi.


It’s introduced that Jabil Group is the third largest electronic manufacturing service provider in the world. Its products involve computer peripherals, data transmission, automation, consumer products, etc.