Xingang Integrated Circuit Industrial Park signed in Wuxi

On August 22, the signing ceremony of Wuxi financial support for local economic and social high-quality development and significant project investment and financing cooperation occurred. In addition, several infrastructure investment funds, EOD, bonds, insurance, and financing cooperation affairs were signed at the same time. The infrastructure investment fund projects include Xingang Integrated Circuit Equipment Components and Materials Industrial Park, China-Europe Low Carbon Industrial Park, and industrial cluster projects.

Xingang Integrated Circuit Equipment Components and Materials Industrial Park project is located in Xinwu District, with a land area of about 150 mu and a total investment of about 980 million yuan.

The three areas planned for the park are the integrated circuit equipment components and materials project, apartment, and commercial support. The main direction of the park is integrated circuit packaging and testing equipment, gallium nitride (GAN) materials and production equipment, atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment, laser cutting repair, and other equipment components and materials industry.

It is reported that the Xingang Integrated Circuit Equipment Components and Materials Industrial Park started construction on June 2.


Xiamen KTD Electronics’ project was signed in Quanzhou Silicon Valley

The management committee of Quanzhou Semiconductor High-Tech Industrial Park held a signing ceremony for Xiamen KTD Electronics Co., Ltd.’s earth orbit satellite internet communication project. It deals with phased array chipset research and packaging & test industrialization project on August 23.

The planned investment in the project will be 200 million yuan in five years. The project will cover various areas, such as satellite communication and intelligent transportation. It will be the supporting facility of 5G communication in the future.

Xiamen KTD Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in May 2014 and is committed to designing and developing various microwave RF analog integrated chips (RFIC/MMIC) for satellite TV, satellite communication, satellite navigation, satellite internet, and remote sensing/sensing. The company has many senior members who have worked in famous IC companies in Japan, the United States, South Korea, and China and have rich design experience, forming an elite team that independently develops high-end integrated chips.


Several projects were signed in Lingang Industrial Area

On August 18, the “Dishui Lake AI Innovation Port” was launched in tandem with more than forty major projects in the artificial intelligence industry. Reportedly, more than 30 billion yuan will be invested in various areas such as intelligent chips, autonomous driving, robots, computational algorithms, and digital twins.

Additionally, eleven projects in Lingang Industrial Zone participated in the contract signing ceremony on August 18, with a cumulative investment of more than 7 billion yuan. The projects included: Xinwangwei vehicle-level MCU R&D and test center project, Meidengsi electric intelligent power distribution development base project, VeriSilicon semiconductor IP R&D project in Lingang Science and Technology City, Silang Technology supercomputing chip R&D project, Juquan Microelectronic measurement chip R&D project, and the Weijing Technology artificial intelligence sensing chip R&D project.


Qirui intelligent electronic project signed in Anhui Province

Qirui intelligent electronic project was signed and settled in Wuhu, Anhui Province, on August 22. The project is invested in and constructed by Anhui Aiyi Taike Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a joint venture established by Chery Technology and Shengna Technology. Located in Wanyi District, the project has about 1 billion yuan invested in the early stage. Plans included building an intelligent digital factory, a fully automatic and efficient finished product warehouse, and a modern simulation and testing center. It will engage in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of automobile electrical systems, automobile connection systems, aviation electronic harnesses, and other products. The expected output is 4 billion yuan by 2027.


Mask material industry chain project signed and settled in Jiaxing

On August 19, the mask material industry chain project was held in Zhejiang Jiaxing Technology City. Dr. Rujing Zhang, the project leader, attended the signing ceremony.

Dr. Zhang said that with the rapid development of the semiconductor industry, the market demand for a photomask, a critical raw material for chips, is rising. Only a few overseas manufacturers can produce, and the domestic technology in this field is still blank.

With an investment of 3 billion yuan, the project aims to become the leader in the upstream materials of the domestic photomask. Settled in the Integrated Circuit Industrial Park of Nanhu High-Tech Zone, the project will focus on the R&D and manufacturing of products related to the mask material industry chain and is scheduled to start construction in September of this year.