HiSilicon’s newest 4G chip will bring great improvements to IoT products while Q Tech’s newest production base finishes initial phases in India. This week’s stories cover what advancements we can expect in the IoT and high-technology smartphone industries:

HiSilicon To Sell 4G Chip to Open Market

HiSilicon, the in-house semiconductor and IC design company operated by Huawei Technologies, has recently begun selling its new 4G chip, the Balong 711. This chip joins the open market as the demand for internet-backed solutions continues to surge. The chip supports LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD/WCDMA/GSM, which will help provide high-speed and reliable network connecting solutions for customers across the IoT industry.

Reports say that Balong 711 is one of the earliest developed 4G modern chips and that it has completed certification of more than 100 mainstream operators worldwide. The platform has been widely used in various industries with a cumulative global shipment of about 100 million sets.

This chip will be used for such IoT products as surveillance cameras, vending machines and smart lockers that require a stable internet connection to function.


Q Tech’s First Overseas Production Base Finishes Initial Phase 

On October 14, Q Technology announced the first phase of its Indian production base was launched, and that it has completed its trial production, marking a significant manufacturing leap. This base will be located in Uttar Pradesh, India, and is the company’s first overseas investment project.

This new base will effectively promote a customer-centric service platform that will provide high-quality products, along with timely services, to Q Tech’s customers in India. The initial investment for this project is expected to be RMB 300 million. The company will build a manufacturing capacity of 4 million camera modules per month and is expected to be put into production before the end of 2019.

The second phase of the project will begin after signing a land-use agreement with the local government. This agreement will promote the future investments of the new manufacturing base in India to begin building the second manufacturing center in Kunshan.

Q Tech is a manufacturer of camera modules and fingerprint identification modules, both mainly used in high-end smartphones and tablets. The company is one of the few manufacturers in China to use COB and COF packaging technology in the manufacture of camera modules. Q Tech is one of Huawei’s mobile phone camera modules and fingerprint module suppliers.