Ecosystem expansion and China’s investment in R&D continue to be the big stories for the country’s science and technology industries. The country was recognized this week as the second biggest in R&D investment and continues to grow new R&D centers. Additionally, Huawei plans to build the first supercomputer in Xiamen.

China Announced as the Second Biggest R&D Investment Country

Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics released a report announcing that China has become the second-largest research and development investment country. The report explains that China’s investment in R&D and strength in the science and technology industries has helped its quick economic development.

Statistics show that in 2018 China’s research funding was 111.8 billion yuan, which is 62 times the amount of R&D funding in 1995. With the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Key Basic Research Development, China has accomplished major breakthroughs in basic research fields such as quantum science, iron-based superconducting, dark matter particle detection satellites, and CIPS stem cells.

In terms of total R&D expenditure, China’s investments reached 1,965.7 billion yuan in 2018. When considering the exchange rate, China has become the world’s second-largest R&D Investment country, following behind the United States.

Huawei to Build First Super-Computing Center in Xiamen

On July 28th, Xiamen City and Huawei signed a cooperation agreement that allows the two to work together to build a reliable super-computing center. This will be Huawei Technologies’ first platform for its partners in Xiamen.

The so-called Kunpeng Ecological Base Project is a safe and reliable software and hardware development platform of Huawei. It aims to build the industrial ecology of Kunpeng by attracting a large number of ecological partners to cooperate and develop the products for the Kugpeng series and form a processor-centric ecosystem.

Based on Huawei’s self-developed products and services capabilities, the super-computing center will use Kunpeng 920 as its core server to provide domestic operating and database systems to key units such as government agencies, state-owned enterprises, and key industries in Xiamen. The overall scale of Xiamen super-computing center project is expected to reach about 1.5 billion yuan.

According to Xiamen Daily, the development of the Kunpeng ecological base will increase the growth of the advanced manufacturing and information industry in Xiamen. The city’s big data industry will play a huge role in bringing Xiamen’s digital economy to a new level. In order to support the future of the industrial ecology of Kunpeng, Huawei plans to invest 3 billion yuan in the next five years.