Huawei continues to grow in the Artificial Intelligence industry with this week’s advancements. These stories showcase Huawei’s AI breakthroughs as they launched the world’s fastest AI training cluster, along with investing in an AI company:

Huawei Launches World’s Fastest AI Training Cluster—Atlas 900

At Huawei Connect 2019, Huawei announced its new strategy for the advanced computing industry and followed it by the release of Atlas 900 – the world’s fastest AI training cluster. This advancement will make AI more readily available for both the scientific research and business innovation fields.

According to Huawei’s Deputy Chairman, Hu Houkun, this product is based on the technological strength and knowledge that Huawei has developed over the past decade. Atlas 900 is composed of thousands of ascend processors. With these processors, Atlas 900 can train ResNet-50, the gold standard for measuring AI training performance, in only 59.8 seconds. This breaks the world record and is 10 seconds faster than any other competitor.

In his presentation, Hu described ways that the Atlas 900 will benefit the scientific research and business innovation industries by giving an example of how it will assist in astronomy research. Using a sky map containing around 200,000 stars to illustrate his point, Hu explained that astronomers need about 169 days to point out a specific star in a cluster. Now using Atlas 900, it will only take 10 seconds to locate that specific star out of the 200,000 stars.

Currently, Huawei offers Atlas 900 on their Huawei Cloud. The AI training cluster will be available to research institutions and universities around the world.

Huawei Invests in Brain-like AI Company

iDeepWise Artificial Intelligence announced that Hubble Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huawei, has made a capital contribution of about 485,600 yuan, making it a 3.67% shareholder of the company. With Hubble’s investment, the registered capital of iDeepWise has increased from 12.747million yuan to about 13.232million yuan.

iDeepWise Artificial Intelligence is an AI company that focuses on brain-like AI and deep learning core technologies. The most prominent technology is their multimodal, deep semantic understanding technology, which can understand the semantics of text and visual graphics simultaneously. Its main use is for smart health care and smart cars.

With a registered capital of 700million yuan, Hubble Technology’s primary business scope is venture investment.