Manufacturing activity is ramping up in China, with many high-profile deals and agreements signed over the last few weeks. Read on for details on these projects that will have a major impact on the global semiconductor and chip manufacturing market.

Dongwei Electronics holds signing ceremony for new Shanghai Innovation and Research Center

The signing ceremony for the Dongwei Electronics Innovation and Research Center was held on May 8 in Jinshan, where the new center will be built.

Led by a reaction chamber manufacturing project with an annual capacity of 20 sets, and a high purity target project with an annual capacity of 0.2 tons, Dongwei Electronics will gradually expand its production capacity and research on key semiconductor materials. The total investment in the research center and product testing will be 250 million yuan.

Dongwei Electronics was established in April 2018. It is committed to researching and developing consumable materials used by microelectronic chips.

Silan Microelectronics announces launch of a 12-inch chip production line

Silan Microelectronics announced on May 12 that it has launched its first 12-inch chip production line, which will yield an additional output of 24 thousand 12-inch, high-voltage integrated circuits.

The total investment of the project will be 2 billion yuan. Silan Microelectronics will expand capacity by adding production equipment, supporting power and equipment facilities in its existing 12-inch integrated circuit chip plants.

Established in 1997, Silan Microelectronics specializes in the design of IC chips and the manufacturing of semiconductor microelectronics-related products.

Jiazhihong Electronics’ flexible circuit board project signed in Jiangxi Province

Jizhou District, Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province and Shenzhen Jiazhihong Electronics Co., Ltd. held a joint signing ceremony to greenlight a new industrial park.

The industrial park will produce 2 million square meters of flexible circuit boards and flexible IC substrates annually.  Jizhou District invested 2 billion yuan and purchased 100 acres of land for the project.

Established in 2002, Shenzhen Jiazhihong Electronics is an enterprise that manufactures flexible printed circuits.

Suzhou High-Tech Zone and Alibaba sign strategic agreement 

The strategic collaboration agreement, signed on May 12, was a commitment between Suzhou High-Tech Zone and Alibaba to strengthen cooperation in the production of high-tech medical devices, semiconductors, integrated circuits and other specialty industries.

One of the goals of the agreement is to increase the visibility of the brand, “Made in Suzhou.”

91 projects signed at the IC and Software Industry Summit

 The 91 contracted projects signed at the 2nd IC and Software Summit held in Taiyuan, Shanxi on May 11 and 12, had a total investment of 116.5 billion yuan.

There were 16 projects chosen to sign on-site, including an AI computing center project from Huawei Technologies, and a sapphire crystal material production and processing project from Jiangxi Weijia Jingchuang Photoelectricity Technology Co Ltd.

Seven organizations were also unveiled during the meeting, including Shanxi Xinchuang Industrial Park, Shanxi Big Data Industrial Park, Shanxi New Infrastructure Innovation Alliance, Huawei Software Institute and the Shanxi Industry Network Innovation Center.