Last week’s China semiconductor news included the signing of a new photoelectronic display material project and the announcements of several important integrated circuit projects in Wuxi. Read on for full details of those projects and much more!

Large-diameter semiconductor silicon component expansion project signed 

The signing ceremony of a large diameter semiconductor-grade silicon component expansion project was signed by Ningxia Fuller Quartz Material Co., Ltd. in Yinchuan.

The company plans to invest 500 million yuan into the project, which is expected to produce an annual capacity of 80,000 large-diameter semiconductor silicon components after the project ramps into production.

Ningxia Fuller Quartz Material Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that is mainly engaged in the manufacturing and sales of high-end quartz crucibles.

Integrated circuit projects signed in Wuxi

 At the June 20 Wuxi Xishan Township Development Conference, 18 projects were signed, including several related to integrated circuits.

One of the projects signed was the IGBT module design and packaging project, which received a 3 billion yuan investment, mainly to research high-end cool MOS and silicon-based GaN devices, and build semiconductor packaging and equipment production lines.

Another project is the 12 Ying Cun silicon-based OLED microdisplay project, which received an investment of 1.3 billion yuan to develop, produce and sell OLED microdisplay chips. It is expected to produce 2 million 1.21 inch OLED microdisplay chips per year, producing 4 billion yuan in annual revenue.

A third notable project signed at the ceremony is a Yiser Electronics semiconductor packaging and testing equipment project, which has raised 120 million yuan. The project, valued at 600 million yuan, will mainly be engaged with power semiconductor and CIS equipment.

Photoelectric display material industrial park project signed

The signing ceremony for the Dongxu Mengzhou Optoelectronic Display Material Industrial Park was held in Jiaozuo City in Henan Province on June 17.

The project, which received a 5 billion yuan investment, will rely on Dongxu Group’s technology deposit and industrialization experience in LCD glass substrate, high-end cover glass, and high-end semiconductor equipment to focus on LED substrate gas production lines and UTG glass projects.

Established in 1997, Dongxu Group is the world’s leading enterprise in the liquid crystal display industry.

Production begins on microelectronics and lithium hexafluorophosphate project

Sanlifu New Materials (Fujian) Co Ltd.’s ultrapure microelectronic and lithium hexafluorophosphate production project started construction on June 18.

The total investment of the project will be 550 million yuan, which will be used to build production lines and supporting facilities for processing and purifying 125,000 tons of ultrapure microelectronics chemicals and 5,000 tons of lithium hexafluorophosphate.