$5.378B to Be Invested in Nanjing Chip City 2019 Key Projects

In 2019, 112.6m2 key projects will be launched in Nanjing Science City, also known as Chip City. The overall investment will be 5.378 billion yuan. About 4.6 billion of that will be invested in Chip City’s core research park, which includes four subprojects. The announcement was made at the Nanjing Science City key projects opening ceremony on Feb. 11, 2019.

Currently, TSMC, the biggest global IC foundry, opened a location in Chip City and has ramped into production. Additionally, high-tech companies such as Tsinghua Unigroup, Ardentec and others have established a presence in Chip City.


Zhejiang’s Ninghai Focuses on Autonomous Vehicle Laser Radar Development

At its recent investment negotiation meeting, Ninghai of Zhejiang province approved a total of eight projects, with an investment totaling 1.5 billion yuan. Three of the talent projects focus on autonomous vehicle laser radar, industry source combustion catalyst and blood platelet-rich plasma (PRP), respectively.

The remaining five projects include a high-strength aluminum alloy automobile hub project, a smart numerical control equipment project, an Internet of things security product research project, a fastener technology application project and a Jeep components project.