World’s First EMU Bottom-Inspection Robot Put into Use

The world first electric multiple unit (EMU) bottom inspection robot has been officially put into use in Hongqiao EMU, transitioning primary maintenance from “human inspection” to “machine inspection.”

This robot system mainly uses machine vision, image recognition and other technologies. It consists of five modules: detection robot, central server handheld mobile terminal, column detection and information management platform. It can automatically detect all types of EMUs and bogies. Depending on the components, the identification and alarm of the appearance faults of the relevant parts of the EMU are realized, representing the highest level of intelligent maintenance in the current rail transit field.

The inspection data was transferred to an image recognition server by wireless communication technology for analyzing and diagnosing; fault detection, confirmation and processing result feedback was dealt with by computer terminal or handheld terminal. The EMU vehicle bottom-detection robot system is a major research project for a smart equipment project approved by China Railway Corp.


Deptrum Acquires US$150 Million A-round Financing

Silicon Valley startup Deptrum closed A round financing on June 4, securing US$150 million financing from Wu-Capital, SBCVC and China Equity. This round of financing will be mainly used for mass production of Deptrum’s 3D vision products, to continue expanding the company’s core technology R&D and market teams, and to speed the layout of 3D vision in smart terminals, new retail, smart communities and other applications.

According to Zhu Li, Deptrum founder and CEO, the company will continue to promote 3D vision technology and product iterations, while further improving the application-layer algorithm – including 3D structured light and time of flight (ToF) as the hardware core – together with its 3D vision algorithm and 3D image to empower AI interfaces.

Deptrum’s unique advantage is built upon a full-stack solution from hardware to software, which achieves not only superior performance, but also compact size, low cost and power efficiency. Deptrum’s technology enables multiple markets, including intelligent terminals, artificial and virtual reality (AR/VR), smart security, robotics and medical automation.