Sensor Chip Start-up, Cosemi, Finishes Pre-A Round Financing

According to Lieyun Net, China’s domestic magnetic sensor chip start-up, Cosemi Tech, announced it has finished Pre-A round financing, which will be used for R&D and new market expansion.

Founded in 2014 and registered in Zizhu national science park, Cosemi Tech is a novel semiconductor solution supplier. The company’s design team has over 12 years’ experience in the automotive electronics industry. Chips developed by Cosemi are widely used in cars manufactured in Germany, France, Italy, and the United States. It specializes in power devices, industrial drivers and automotive electronics solutions.

Currently, Cosemi’s monthly capacity is over 10million units. It has a 30% market share of magnetic sensors used in electric bicycle motors, and its products are gradually being found in other magnetic sensor applications. The company plans to focus on markets such as automotive, industry, robots, and appliance control.


Wuxi City Launches Fund to Benefit 5 Areas of IC Manufacturing

Wuxi City recently announced that it will be open applications for funds to support the integrated circuit (IC) industry. The five areas of IC manufacturing that will benefit include high-end chip design, special process manufacturing, advanced packaging & test, IC specialized equipment and materials, platform and talents team build.

Wuxi City is important to China’s IC industry supply chain infrastructure. In 2018, Its IC industry revenue was about 111.246 billion yuan, representing 24.83% year-on-year growth. The city ranks #1 domestically for packaging and test.


Taiji Industry and Wuxi Industry Jointly Set Up New Semiconductor Company

Taiji Industry announced on June 4, 2019, that it plans to invest in a new semiconductor company in accordance with the national integrated circuit (IC) industry development policy.

According to the announcement, Taiji Industry will collaborate with several companies, including Wuxi Industry Development Corp., Wuxi Weifu Group, and others, to jointly invest in a new semiconductor company. The new company business scope includes semiconductor components and integrated circuit design, development and sales; electrical component research; computer software development, and more.