China Telecom Deploys Trial 5G Networks in 17 Pilot Cities

Upon acquisition of a 5G business license from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). China Telecom announced June 6 that it will begin the deployment of trial 5G networks to explore and push the co-construction and sharing of the network. The goal is to reduce the cost of network construction and operation, ensure the best network quality, and improve applications service.

Since the end of 2017, China Telecom has collaborated with many companies internally and externally to conduct 5G technology experiments with 5G trial network construction in 17 pilot cities. Unified deployment is planned according to both market and government best practices and has achieved breakthroughs.

Meanwhile, China Telecom also worked with partners to accelerate 5G application innovation, focusing on 10 vertical key application scenarios including government affairs, manufacturing, transportation, logistic, education, medical, media, police affairs, and tourism. The number of experimental customers has exceeded 200.


AI Chip Company, Enflame, Secures A-Round Financing

Shanghai Enflame Technology announced that it has acquired a new round of financing of 300million yuan, invested by Redpoint Ventures China Fund, Tencent, OceanPine, Yunhe Capital, and others.

Enflame Tech is a startup company based in Shanghai, China. It develops deep learning accelerator systems-on-chip (SoCs) and software stacks, targeting artificial intelligence (AI) training platform solutions for Cloud service providers and data centers. Established in March 2018, the company has R&D centers in both Shanghai and Beijing.

Enflame’s SoC technology is specifically designed for AI acceleration with unique and innovative architecture, featuring high-performance computing, energy efficiency, high programmability, low cost, and supporting the mainstream deep learning frameworks.

“We focus on cloud services and data centers, focusing on both requirements and pain points of the market. Our products are competitive in terms of performance, cost, energy consumption rate, etc. Additionally, their versatility and extendibility provide both complete and customized solutions for our customers.” said by Lidong Zhao, CEO of Enflame.