Konka Group’s Packaging & Test Fab Ramping into Production in 2020

On February 11, Konka Group announced that its semiconductor chip packaging and testing plant will be completed in 2020. The company has invested more than 1 billion yuan into this project, and it is expected that the plant will have the production capacity of more than 200 million units per year. Konka Xinying, the company operating the plant, plans to have three major product lines: SSD, eMMC and DDR products.

Konka SSD products reached mass production by the end of 2019 and sold up to 37,000 units. In 2020, the sales volume of this product is expected to exceed 2 million units, with sales of eMMC products exceeding 40 million units and those of DDR products exceeding 20 million.

Recently, Konka Group has made significant progress in the layout of the storage field. On February 4, Konka Group disclosed that the company’s holding subsidiary, Hefei Kangxinwei, has reached mass production of its first storage master control chip. The Konka Group emphasized that Hefei Kangxinwei will strive to sell 100 million memory control chips in 2020.

Within the next five t0 10 years, Konka Group plans to rank among the top international semiconductor companies and is committed to becoming one of the top 10 semiconductor companies in China.



SEMICON Korea Cancelled & SEMICON China Postponed

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the Novel Coronavirus (2019 nCoV) is a global health emergency. Subsequently, SEMI announced it would no longer host SEMICON Korea in Seoul on February 5-7 as originally scheduled.

SEMI expressed that safety is its top priority — the decision to cancel SEMICON Korea was strictly due to an abundance of caution as the Novel Coronavirus continues to spread. The decision is also consistent with that of a number of exhibitors and other organizations scheduled to attend the event not to send key representatives. SEMI is exploring contingency plans for SEMICON Korea 2020 and will notify all show participants once a decision has been made.

To control the outbreak, the Chinese government has implemented strict measures in the prevention of the Coronavirus. Due to this implementation, SEMI has also announced it is postponing SEMICON China, which was originally scheduled to take place March 18-20 in Shanghai.

SEMI is currently evaluating the health risks and is working on a contingency plan for rescheduling the event but has not yet released any dates.