2020 is here, ushering in a new decade and the annual recommitting to resolutions, and often, better eating habits. The influencers and bloggers that claimed our feeds throughout the last decade will continue to leave a mark on our lives and habits as we head into the 2020s. Here are a few trends and corresponding bloggers to look out for this year.

Influencers to Watch In 2020

  • Trying the “Meatless Monday” craze and feeling uninspired? The Chubby Vegetarian proves you can ditch meat and keep your meals fresh and entertaining! Married duo Justin Fox Burks and Amy Lawrence are the authors behind the cookbook The Chubby Vegetarian: 100 Inspired Recipes for the Modern Table and the blog that inspired it. Recipes shared include Charred Carrot Hot Dogs, Caramelized Fennel & Charred Corn Pasta and, according to them, The World’s Best Veggie Burger. All of these are fun recipe ideas if you’re considering making the jump to partial or total vegetarianism.


  • Many are cutting meat out of their diets for sustainability – but what about ways to stay eco-friendly around the house? KB Abode is an Instagram influencer who shares ideas for a waste-free lifestyle through home décor and fashion, as well as cooking and grocery shopping. KB also runs a second Instagram page, her Flea Market selling second-hand products. The fashion industry as a whole is looking at ways to be more sustainable, such as using recycled materials and banning fur, and with the rise of trendy re-sale social media platforms such as Depop, consumers are becoming more conscious about shopping second-hand and being environmentally aware.


  • Marnie Rae is a Seattle-based blogger who shares her zero-proof cocktail recipes online. Studies show that young people are drinking less than older generations, and Marnie’s recipes help keep sobriety exciting. The founder of National Mocktail Week, Marnie has been sober for 15 years, and believes restaurants need to look at revamping their drink menus to include more adult beverages without the booze as this alcohol-free trend continues. Marnie’s recipes vary; she features sweet, savory and seasonal cocktails. Check out her site and learn to make a few of our favorites: the Pickled Beet Bloody Mary, Cucumber Matcha “Mojito” or Tropical Carrot Bellini.


  • Also alcohol-free, Dunes Life is a life coach who uses Instagram to showcase her vegan, caffeine-free lifestyle. While Dune may look like your average fitness and travel influencer upon first glance, take a deeper dive into her page and you’ll instantly feel the positivity and uplifting essence of her posts. Dune shares vegan tips, such as ways to add greens to your diet or easy fruit-based breakfast recipes. Experts predict veganism will continue trending, and Dune is an example of how you can live a vegan lifestyle without compromising.

We’ll definitely be keeping our eye on these inspiring influencers (and many more) in the coming year. Do you follow any bloggers and influencers to watch in 2020, that are making bold statements about their lifestyle choices? Let us know in the comments below who we should look out for in the new year, or any other trends you’ve noticed!

Image Credit: KB Abode, The Chubby Vegetarian, Marnie Rae